Wednesday, June 4, 2014

'Beautiful Nightmares' and good Mexican food today at La Lucha on Avenue A

Via the EVG inbox from the folks at Little Missionary's Day Nursery, 93 St. Mark's Place …

We're pleased to announce a special art show and fundraiser today at Mexican taqueria La Lucha, 147 Avenue A between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street.

The exhibit, "Beautiful Nightmares," showcases a unique and charming display of paintings and drawings from our school's 2- to 4-year-old artists portraying their innermost thoughts, fears and nightmares. The art will be available for purchase, with proceeds to benefit our ongoing efforts to grow its school to serve more working class East Village families.

La Lucha will donate 100% of its receipts to benefit our school.


Unknown said...

'Little Mish' is a great school! Please come and support. Located on St.Marks just across from physical Graffiti, this pre school set up by Sara Curry in 1896, now run by the fantastic Eileen Johnson, is a true LES gem!

Unknown said...

Please come out and support 'Little Mish'!
This pre school, set up by Sara Curry in 1896, and now run by the fantastic Eileen Johnson, is a true LES gem!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Little Missionaries is a wonderful asset in the East Village . . . and has been for last 100 years. The staff and the director work like crazy to make LM what it is but the school is run on a shoestring and the loss of funding over the years has made it a little small and a little expensive. LM needs all the help they can get!