Monday, July 7, 2014

Halfway home for incoming Cooper Square dorm

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

Here's a photo from Saturday showing the incoming dorm on Cooper Square and East Sixth Street … worth noting because it looks about at the halfway point, on the way to 13 floors for Marymount Manhattan College.

And as a reminder ... what the dorm will eventually look like...

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Updated: Here's what the newest East Village dorm will look like

Dig bottoms out on Cooper Square; here comes the dorm, here comes the dorm!


blue glass said...

OMG. we don't have enough underage drinkers who seem to have time to party all night and brunch all day.

it's clear that this neighborhood is mo longer grownup or family friendly and the new crowd will certainly be able to buy their way through one of the city's largest playgrounds.

it's a shame.

bowboy said...

Planning on staying at the hotel next door? Be sure to request a room on the south side. ha. The hotel may as well block off those north side rooms and chalk them up as a financial loss. The more DOB allows taller buildings, the more the taller buildings are just screwing each other. a pox on both their tall houses.

Anonymous said...

While a 13 story structure may be objectionable in many ways at this site, it is going to be a lot better than the empty, eyesore of a rat infested lot that has been there for over 20 years. Of course the rats didn't patronize the bars at night while the new students will, false ID and all. The neighborhood is filled with underage drinkers.

Scooby said...

The lack of building for the last decades was actually pleasant. A place to park cars, see some plants grow, a pile of snow in the winter and yes - wildlife EV style... Not every foot of the city HAS to have a building on it. "Empty" space is valuable as well. Why do you think parks of any sorts are not paved over? I believe it may be considered "negative space" in some respects. But it is valuable to the landscape. It was nice to walk past a corner and have some small sense of "open" space in an overcrowded environment. Gone - never to return... A victim of "progress".

Anonymous said...

Agreed that the empty lot was an eyesore, what with the trash, rats, and graffiti.

However, a more aesthetically appealing structure would have been appreciated. Or a park. Not a dorm, obviously.

At least the Cooper park expansion is finally happening.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

Make up your mind, "East Villager:.
Was it the "empty lot" that was an eyesore, or was it the trash, rats, and graffiti that were the eyesore?
One of these things is rare in this city, and the other is just about everywhere you look.

Jill said...

Why the hatred for empty lots? Without them we wouldn't have all the wonderful gardens that make the EV a neighborhood. Plus, they are empty, and that fact right there is what's great. Why the need to fill in all the white space. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Empty lot? Wasn't there a building dating back to the 1800s that was trying to be landmarked?