Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's step inside the all-new Eleventh and Third, which defines 'organic with an urban twist'

[EVG photo from June 30]

There are more details now about the rebranded Eleventh and Third, the 12-story residential building at 200 E. 11th St. that Benchmark Real Estate Group paid $57 million for late last year.

The first unit as well as building renderings are now on Streeteasy. A two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is asking $9,350. (No broker's fee!)

Here's the description via Streeteasy:

High-design gets a downtown attitude at Eleventh and Third where the only rules to live by are the ones that keep life interesting. With just 53 studio, one-, and two-bedroom homes – some with private terraces, most with amazing views, and all with top-shelf interior finishes – it’s a boutique building fueled with serious style.

Building Features:
- 24 Hour Doorman
- In Unit Laundry in All 1 Bedroom & 2 Bedroom Apartments
- Communal Roof Terrace Outdoor Space
- State-of-the-art Fitness Room
- Yoga / Meditation Studio
- Private Massage Studio
- Laundry Room

Apartment Features:
- Brand New Glass Panel Windows In Every Apartment
- Walnut Flooring
- Built in A/C and Heating
- Polished Concrete Counter tops
- Bertazzoni, Fisher & Paykel, & Bosch Kitchen Appliances
- Brizo, Lacava & Toto Bathroom Fixtures
- Self Closing Drawers and Cabinetry

What would you call this look? According to the Eleventh and Third website: "Residential interiors are what we’d call ‘organic with an urban twist’. A gallery of windows invite tons of natural light, and a neutral palette soothes the soul."

There are open houses this week in the early evening by appointment only if you'd to check it out yourself and sooth your soul.

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I wish someone would put together a coffee table book of real estate listings because the writing is so horrid, the English language so butchered, the cliches in such an abundance, that I'd gladly give it as a housewarming gift.

Anonymous said...

Eleventh and Third, where the only rules to live by are the ones that keep life interesting

Eleventh and Third, where 8 of 10 commandments are only "suggested"

Eleventh and Third, where the halls are carpeted with baby seals

Eleventh and Third, where there is no such thing as "age of consent"

Eleventh and Third, where Sodom meets post-apocalyptic anarchy

Eleventh and Third, where people sometimes disappear

Eleventh and Third, please don't spit

Anonymous said...

Now if we could only get Morning 2 Midnight to leave we could open a Dave and Buster joint downstairs

Anonymous said...

It's great if you want to always feel like you're living in a soulless chain hotel.

10:05 a.m. said...

Third Ave. is looking more and more like Downtown White Plains, NY.


Gojira said...

What would I call that look? Um, let's see...bland, formulaic, generic, done to death, soulless, imagination-free, sterile, vacuous, pretentious, boring, vapid - and that's just for starters. And don't get me started on the giddy hyperbole passing as a serious listing; now I know what happened to all the people who used to write liner notes for albums in the ate 60s-early 70s.

Anonymous said...

Lol, those "luxury" apartments look like the Ikea showroom.

Anonymous said...

"at Eleventh and Third where the only rules to live by are the ones that keep life interesting." HAHAHAHA!!

Yes, and everyone who lives there will play rockin' electric guitars (as per the pic), while paying over $9,000.00 in rent.

It's becoming increasingly hard to tell now where parody ends and life begins. Maybe that should be their advertising slogan.

Giovanni said...

Eleventh and Third, where your IQ and manners will both go into permanent remission.

I call it Nouvelle American Robot Chic, NARC for short.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Self-closing drawers are definitely worth $9K.

I'd call that look Institutional Dream.

Makeout said...

Glass panel windows? What will they think of next?

Anonymous said...

What used to be at this corner? Was it a parking lot?

Anonymous said...

I live across the street and don't get me wrong, the design isn't winning any awards but why isn't anyone just thankful that we no longer have to look at the enormous eye sore that this building was??

ek said...

I live across the street and I'd like to know how they expect anyone to pay that kind of money when they'll walk out of their door to a Times Square level of pedestrian traffic Thurs, Fri and Sat nights. Not to mention the NYU dorm directly across the street. It's a freaking zoo around here now.

Anonymous said...

ek: Agree with you 100%. Have lived around here a long time but things are getting more zoo-like with every passing month.

Re this particular building: Self-closing drawers?! Really, how effin' lazy can people be?

Anonymous said...

Do those self-closing drawers have sensors to tell them when you don't have your hands in there rummaging around anymore? What about when you want to tidy your drawers? How many seconds, exactly, would I have to take out a few messy t-shirts, refold them and put them back before the drawer retracts itself? And how are they powered? What if there's a grid failure...is there a manual override to the drawers?

Talk about a problem that never needed solving before...this is like the auto-dispensing towels in public restrooms that spit them out at you as you walk by.

Big Brother said...

Eleventh and Third: Raw dog or no dog.

Anonymous said...

"Boutique building" = You're overpaying on rent b/c you believed the trendy/cool BS in the ads.

And the developers are laughing all the way to the bank every month as they deposit your big fat rent check.

Anonymous said...

ek: This IS a dorm. Who do you think will be paying that kind of $$?? Wealthy NYU parents.