Friday, March 27, 2015

[Updated] Citi Bike is shutting down for the weekend

Per the Citi Bike Tumblr:

We’ll be taking Citi Bike offline at 10 pm Friday through the weekend for maintenance. After 10 pm you will not be able to check out a bike.

During this time members will not be able to access their accounts. The membership sign-up page, Citi Bike station map and Citi Bike app will also be unavailable.

We’ve timed this work to make sure we’re back online in time to get our members pedaling by Monday morning.

We will be extend all active Citi Bike memberships by three days and issuing refunds for anyone who purchased a 24-hour pass on Friday 3/27. We will also offer refunds to anyone who purchased a 7-day pass earlier in the week.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. We wanted to make these upgrades to improve Citi Bike before the nicest riding weather begins.

Updated 3-28 5:56 p.m.


Giovanni said...

And we thought it was only local hummus restauants and gyms that closed down without giving any advance notice. Nice move CitiBike, giving your steadily dwindling number of customers such short notice for the first major shutdown in CitiBike history. Either they didn't plan for this shutdown in advance, or think that riders don't deserve advance notice. And we thought the new owners knew what they were doing.

Peon Alert: This is turning into a pattern; remember when CitiBike said they would announce when the 50% annual pass increase would go into effect, and then they just increased it without any notice?

With J and M train service suspended this weekend and busses bypassing the Village due to the explosion this couldn't come and a worse time, especially for people commuting in the Village and Brooklyn. Not that it was easy finding a CitiBike all winter since they took the majority of bikes off the street for "maintenance."

Next time they should at least consult with the MTA since they claim to be part of our mass transit system. For now you'll just have to walk that extra last mile or two, or get a bike like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Giovanni's hate obsession with Citibike is becoming endearing. Love the way he paints individual occurrences into patterns of conspiracy. It fits hand in hand with his hatred of Chipotle. Hey Giovanni - how's that closure of Chipotle on St. Marks you predicted coming along? Any day now right? They're so close to going out of business that would explain why they're opening ANOTHER location in the area, right?

I've picked a bone with (and picked the bones of) a few corporations and businesses in my day. Many of those were wildly popular and I simply disagreed with their business practices, or I simply didn't "get it". Let me give you a piece of sage advice: Know your enemy, don't underestimate your enemy.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck commutes between Manhattan and Brooklyn by bike? Very few.

7:48am this is the same idiot who thinks we shouldn't exercise cuz Grandpa died at 87 so we're gonna die at 87, too, so fuck it (the Dolphin gym thread.)