Monday, March 23, 2015

Developers likely not thrilled by this pop-up rendering on the Bowery

[EVG photo from January]

Well, you know, a 13-story, 30,000 square-foot mixed-use residential development is in the works for 347 Bowery.

And someone, likely just a cheap Penistrator knockoff, saw fit to degrade the renderings on the plywood here at East Third Street by drawing a large [redacted].

Thankfully workers had painted over the offending doodle before any more harm could be done...

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Anonymous said...

I think this improves the design ten fold.

Richard said...

It's almost as if someone was trying to discern some hidden significance in this upright tower being erected from the swell of activity below, thrusting upward and inserting itself into the skyline of the EV, filling the developer with pride until he could burst. But what could it mean? I can't grasp something this big.

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

Laughable attempt at covering the 'art'
Now it just looks like a ghost dick