Monday, March 23, 2015

Noreetuh opens, serving Hawaiian-inspired cuisine on 1st Avenue

Noreetuh, described as a "casual Hawaiian restaurant," opened last week at 128 First Ave. near St. Mark's Place.

Chef Chung Chow previously worked as a sous chef at Per Se and Lincoln Ristorante

Here's a look at the menu that's posted to the door…

Noreetuh is open Tuesday through Sunday night for dinner.

128 First Ave. was previously home of the Mediterranean Grill and the Efendi Hookah Lounge.


Gojira said...

Doesn't look like any luau food I've ever seen. What, no poi?

(Um, Grieve, I noticed my last four comments never made it onto the posts they were intended for. One I could see ya missing, but four? Am I being censored cos you think I'm the fake Gojira? Just curious.)

DrGecko said...

Maybe you're being censored because you're not the real fake Gojira?

EV Grieve said...


Ugh. Four? Haven't seen any for awhile until on this post

Anonymous said...

Love an attempt to bring the "Aloha" spirit to chilly NYC, but the markup prices for some of the menu items is insanely high. $5 for seaweed chips. $11 for "truffle" taro chips - the JetBlue flight staple, but even if they're fried fresh, dressed with fake truffle oil or real truffle flakes, this a ripoff. "Garlic Shrimp over rice with romaine lettuce (WTF?) & pineapple" is $22. Most dishes have ingredients you'll find at a Thai restaurant for half the price. Don't think this place will be long-lived.

Gojira said...

OK, Grieve, I forgive ya. And Grump, you twigged it - I'm actually Fake Gojira II. There's hundreds of us out here!