Sunday, March 29, 2015

Legal clinic tomorrow night for displaced residents of 2nd Avenue and East 7th Street

GOLES is sponsoring the meeting, held at 535 E. Fifth St between Avenue and Avenue B.

H/T Stacie Joy


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what people need: free legal assistance/help. Good news for the injured and displaced.

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking reading all the news about the gas explosion in the East Village. I lived there years ago in a different building owned at that time by the same landlord of these buildings, and after I moved in, a friend visited me in my renovated apt and told me: YOu have a gas leak (he was a volunteer fireman). It's never easy living in the East Village; I wish it was easier. Fortunately there was no explosion and I did not lose my life, but there has to be a better system and a better way than for tenants to risk their lives by choosing to live in their East Village renovated apartments. I no longer live in NYC. In another state, where I live now, there is a big city and I think the laws are different, as landlords are required to get building inspections/apt inspections every time a new tenant comes in. Just seems like this latest East Village tragedy perhaps could have somehow been prevented in the past year, based on what I am reading in the news.

les native said...

You better beleive they want those people to stay displaced, which is suspicious as hell for motive.