Monday, March 30, 2015

Reader report: Small fire temporarily KOs Tuome on East 5th Street

Yesterday morning, the FDNY reported to a fire at 540 E. Fifth St. (The address was actually 536.)

[Photo via @salim]

The FDNY gave the all clear after 30 minutes … however, according to a resident in the building, there was some damage to the kitchen at Tuome, the well-regarded restaurant that opened last August.

Per the resident: "Tuome is gone for at least a week, maybe more. It was an oil fire from their kitchen that had started as early as 7am when I smelled it from upstairs."

The restaurant was closed last night during normal business hours. We weren't able to track down anyone to verify the length of the closure. There isn't any mention of the fire on the Tuome website or social media properties.

The only noticeable remainder from the fire on the outside is…

Minca Ramen Factory, which shares the address, was open per usual yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Tuome owners are assessing with the fire department now. The business did NOT carry insurance according to the building, so reopening is quite contingent...