Tuesday, April 21, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: Appointing new CB3 members; fighting on 3rd Avenue

[The view downtown early this morning by Bobby Williams]

Here are the new CB3 members (The Lo-Down)

Petition surfaces to oppose CB3 reinstatement of Ariel Palitz (BoweryBoogie)

The East Village resident who builds tree houses for a living (Daily News)

The budget-friendly sandwiches of Schnitz on First Avenue (Fork in the Road)

Check out "East Side Stories: Real Estate" at the Metropolitan Playhouse on East Fourth Street (Metropolitan Playhouse)

A message for Icon Realty on East Ninth Street (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, previously)

Tenant Coalition files four lawsuits against LES landlord for harassment (DNAinfo)

Two major cinema chains want to serve alcohol in NYC theaters (Eater)

... and a reader shared this video with us...

The description via YouTube:

April 18, 2015, 1:58am, St. Marks Place in the East Village, NYC. No idea, two men get involved in an altercation, an unmarked police car pulls over, but the plainclothes cops decide this dispute is not worth the time. The block where this dispute took place is located on the east side of Third Ave, between st. Marks place, and E. 9th St.


Elle Sturm said...

I can't handle how amazing that photo is.

Anonymous said...

Right outside Continental. These must be the "REGULARS are respectful of the neighborhood" crowd Scooby was talking about.

Giovanni said...

After watching all the fights going on right outside their shiny new building known as the Death Star, IBM's nerdy staff has reprogrammed their Watson supercomputer to calculate whether it would be cheaper to move the whole building and everyone in it to the West Coast, or more efficient to buy, demolish and rebuild the rest of the neighborhood. Calculating....

Anonymous said...

That altercation was less of a fight and more of a standoff where a very serious fight could have started. Cool a cop came quickly. Most of the drunk ev "fights" I see are a bunch of crap talking over bs, a sucker punch followed by being very content the fight is immediately broken up. Followed up with more crap talking about what could have happened. Both sides of the coin are crap and unacceptable. Fools are fools.

Anonymous said...

So CB3 is 8 MEN and 3 women. So is that a representational sampling of contractors to residents then? ....As there are more women then men in NYC.

nygrump said...

its the gestapomobile for the undercover pigs! Can't tell if its the same pig, but last weekend one driving this gestapomoobile whipped around 4th St and up 1st through the bike lane, almost taking out several people, in order to help like 8 cops on the corner of 6th arrest a single young woman. The so called cop driver gloated to an onlooker about his driving and at that moment I saw some very glazed and heavy lidded eyes.