Friday, April 17, 2015

Proto's Pizza returns under new ownership on 2nd Avenue

The for rent signs arrived outside the pizzeria at 50 Second Ave. between East Second Street and East Third Street in early March.

However, the storefront didn't stay on the market long. A few weeks later, signs arrived saying that Proto's was returning under new ownership.

Anyway, it has reopened this week. We always liked the pizza here, and will check out Proto's 2.0 soon.

Brooklyn native Rob Proto opened the original pizzeria here in May 2012.


Anonymous said...

I checked out the new Proto's last night. Just grabbed a couple slices to go and they were pretty good - not amazing, but definitely happy to have Proto's back. The staff last night was super friendly as well.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the report, anon!

Yuppie@166 Second Ave. said...

I really haven't had any amazing pizza since moving to the area (I was at east 15th and Irving, border of EV, previously). What are some of the credited EV pizza spots?

Anonymous said...

To the Yuppie: Pizza is cheap, try a slice at each place you see (not the 99 cent ones), including Proto's since this is about them today (and Nino's on A who I also love). It's enjoyable plus you will soon know your true favorite. Ignore the 99 Cent Slice places. Also, I gotta know - are you aware or unaware of the Die Yuppie Scum history in the EV? (I'm EV since 81, so your name on this EV blog catches my eye.)

Anonymous said...

Oops I didn't mean to double-Dis the 99 cent slice places. Just a single-Dis was enough.

Scuba Diva said...

To Yuppie@166 Second Ave:

I favor Two Boots at 3rd and A; this is the original Two Boots location—actually, they were originally across 3rd street on A, but moved to their current space when the building was newly-constructed.

They have several pre-made pies—"The Tony Clifton," "The Day Tripper," "The Dude"—(or they'll make one to order) and also offer vegan and gluten-free options.

Just my 2¢.

Yuppie@166 Second Ave. said...

To Anon@7:16 -- yes, I'm aware of the origin of that term. I don't define myself as a yuppie, and believe that my personality/interests are more in line with the EV culture than not. But I suspect many of you would judge me to be a yuppie based on my nominal income, occupation, and the insanely high rent that I'm forced to pay to live in the EV.

But I detest the frat mentality, despise self-entitled rich kids without any accomplishments of their own, and believe that NYC landlords have way too much leverage (I expect this power to diminish somewhat when the DOW/credit markets crash).

dmbream said...

For a good slice:

Joe's Pizza on 14th and 3rd is the recently opened outlet of the NYC institution on Carmine St. You won't find a better slice in Manhattan.

The former Proto's was good. Haven't tried the new place yet.

Little Gio's on 1st Ave and 2nd St isn't bad.

By the pie:

Luzzo's on 1st Ave and 13th is insane.

Anonymous said...

Pizza at Protos is amazing. I went there three times already and tried cheese slice, buffalo chicken, margharita and meat lovers slice. They were all great, the crust, sauce, cheese all in great proportions.
Keep up the good work guys and welcome to EV.