Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Report: Sushi Park chef sues 121 2nd Ave. landlord Maria Hrynenko

[Photo by Nathan Blaney]

Per the Daily News:

Machendra Chongbang, 28, is seeking unspecified damages in Manhattan Supreme Court for his injuries, which include possible brain damage from a severe concussion, abdominal and knee injuries.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Chongbang says MAH Realty which owned the structure housing the restaurant caused and created "a dangerous and defective condition" and failed to warn people in the building of the hazard.

MAH stands for Maria A. Hrynenko, the owner of 121 Second Ave., where two men died in the gas explosion on March 26.

Authorities have said that an illegally tapped gas line at 121 Second Ave. may have caused the deadly blast. The investigation continues.

During the explosion, Chongbang fell through the floor. His attorney says that Chongbang is too disabled to work and doesn't have a job to go to.

As the Daily News notes, this is the second lawsuit stemming from the explosion — and the first one involving anyone with physical injuries.

Lucie Bauermeister, 23, and Anna Ramotowska, 26, who were living several buildings away at 129 Second Ave., are suing Hrynenko, Con Ed, contractor Dilber Kukic and Hyeonil Kim, owner of Sushi Park. The roommates are each seeking $20 million. Aside from sustaining several scratches, Baumeister said she couldn’t sleep and lost her appetite after the blast and started seeing a $175-an-hour psychologist, according to the Post.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I love that the snark at those two ladies is not over. :)

Anonymous said...

someone who actually deserves some money.

Giovanni said...

I'm surprised there haven't been more lawsuits filed by now. Looks like the Selfie Sisters are first in line. But it's the lawyers who will get all the money, and everyone else invloved will be on the receiving end of the endless lawsuits.

Meanwhile the Rent Guidelies Board announced that energy costs fell 21 percent last year, so these landlords are making more money with their overall costs not going up, even as rents continue to increase, but they are so greedy they will do anything to make a few dollars more.

Now Carnegie Deli is closed due to gas siphoning, and had to pay Con Ed $40k for stealing gas, so it's obvious that even restaurants are doing stupid things to save a little money even as energy prices decline. The Stage looks like they are busted, which is why they gave up the fight and moved all their food out last week. Too bad, but if thy did it they only have themselves to blame.

Trixie said...

But will the Carnegie Deli turn tail and slink away? Something tells me they will get away with it and return triumphant. If they are at fault though, I'd like to see them pay the same price as any lesser known entity.

Anonymous said...

I think as a responsible community we need to not even speak or write of the two money grubbing spawn of suburban boomers. It only gives them power.