Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's just keep talking about bagels on 1st Avenue

[Ess-A-Bagel photo from March 22]

Here's a follow-up to our previous Ess-A-Bagel/Tal Bagels post from March 30...

Ess-A-Bagel closed up their home of nearly 40 years on March 20 at First Avenue and East 21st Street.

There is now a coming soon sign up for Tal Bagels at the former home of Rose, a chicken restaurant, adjacent to Ess-A-Bagel...

... as well as in the former Ess-A-Bagel space...

There was also a Tal Bagels sign up a few storefronts to the north at 365 First Ave. ... next door to where the new Ess-A-Bagels MAY open...

[Photo from March 28]

To make this even more confusing... the Tal Bagels sign is no longer up on the plywood.

Thankfully the Town & Village Blog has it all sorted out for us from a post on Friday...

Tal Bagels, which has three other locations in NYC, will be opening in part of the old Ess-A-Bagel space (along with 350 square feet for a Bank of America branch).

And what about No. 365? To Town & Village:

Tal will be opening a shop/restaurant for smoked fish, similar in style to downtown institution Russ & Daughters. That business will go into the space at the former Beehives & Buzzcuts at 365 First Avenue, which has about 2,000 square feet... It may not be called Tal and there is not yet a planned opening date.

“It’ll be fish and salads, European smoked fish like herring,” said [Tal partner Mohammed] Kamal. He explained that in just the bagel shop space, there wouldn’t have been enough room for bagels as well as “the full line” of fish.

No word yet on a new home for Ess-A-Bagel.

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Anonymous said...

Getting a feeling Tal won't be making bagels onsite, which doesn't say great things about freshness.

Anonymous said...

Total mis-read of the neighborhood demo. Ess-a did a great business with the best product. How Tal thinks that they're going to make it selling $40+ a pound lox is beyond me. People go to Russ or Barney Greengrass, or Sturgeon because of their decades long rep.

I wouldn't go to TAL for overpriced fish of untested provenance. Hope the landlord (Moelis) gets totally screwed on this deal, he deserves it.

Jared said...

Hey, Ess-A Bagel! Try Ave C!!! with soup.