Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey, the T-Mobile has opened on 14th and 1st

[Photo Saturday by EVG 14th Street correspondent Pinch]

On the southeast corner of 14th Street and First Avenue… and you'd think that T-Mobile could afford more than three grand-opening balloons. Unless they are saving $$$ for rent, which one tipster told us was $56,000 a month.

The previous tenant, The Pizza Bagel Cafe, closed for good this past Nov. 3.

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Anonymous said...

$56k a month... no idea how anyone affords that in the East Village.

Anonymous said...

this is why your phone bill is so high

Anonymous said...

T-Mobile probably thinks they are opening an outpost in some uber-hip enclave. Joke's on them!

Anonymous said...

Let's all be grateful that the entire intersection will forever be kind of crappy, transient and non-hip. It's a reminder to those paying $2500 for a tiny studio that this nap is not worth that much money, suckers.

Katie said...

I was really hoping that because they're a massive company they would try to keep that corner clean, but it seems like they're ignoring the outside of their store just as much as the bagel store did. The inside is sparkling, the outside....a filthy mess and not their problem, I guess. I'll make contact and try to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Filthy mess? I see no garbage on the sidewalk in this picture.