Monday, December 12, 2016

This is the last week for the Redhead on 13th Street

Early last month we reported that the Redhead, the unassuming, Southern-flavored restaurant on 13th Street, was closing in early January.

A staffer told us that the Redhead would be open for a New Year's Eve service/celebration.

Apparently those plans have all changed. The restaurant yesterday announced a new closing date on Twitter...

The 10-year lease at the Redhead between First Avenue and Second Avenue is up (and there is a rent increase)... plus, the partners have apparently been living out of state. Chef/founding partner Meg Grace Larcom is now in Colorado.

Saturday is the restaurant's last day of service.


Anonymous said...

Bye bye shrimp and grits, bye bye warm pretzels.

Hard to feel too broken up about it however, when finding out that the owners are out of state.

Anonymous said...

I would have felt sad if they had kept up the great food and service the place was known for in the early days. The restaurant biz relies on owners who are present and involved. You can't manage a place like this from a distance and expect it to remain the same. I miss the Redhead that it was in its first few years in business!

Unknown said...

We will miss The Redhead. It was a very warm, comfortable and welcoming place. The owners may have been distant but the crew (I didn't see any turnover) was a great, tight knit team with Dominick, Marci and Troy in rotation behind the bar. It's a loss!