Friday, June 23, 2017

12-story condoplex set for this corner of Bleecker and Mulberry

Leaving the neighborhood for a moment... where demolition is set for two nondescript apartment buildings on Bleecker and Mulberry.

Broad Street Development is tossing up a 12-story, 61-unit condoplex here at 40 Bleecker St., part of a new development that encompasses 304 Mulberry and 298 Mulberry.

The teaser site for the project is now live ... noting that this place is for "a new generation of connoisseurs."

[Rendering Williams New York]

Curbed, who first reported on this back on Monday, has more details here. This is just the latest upscale housing complex to crop up around here, joining next-door neighbor the Schumacher, among others.


Giovanni said...

Love the gold trim, that will fit right into the neighborhood. Until this day I had no idea that Mulberry Street was as wide as Wilshire Boulevard. Welcome to BroDeo Drive.

Anonymous said...

The Richie Riches who bought multi-million dollar apartments next door at the Schumacher are not going to be happy. Most of them only made their purchases in the last year or so. They are not going to be enjoying much peace and quiet during the demolition and construction process.

Anonymous said...

"a new generation of connoisseurs." yeah.. i'll be making it a point to piss on the side of this gilded symbol of my neighborhood's cultural extinction, every damn time i walk past.