Tuesday, June 20, 2017

250 E. Houston is officially no longer Red Square

Just noting that the Red Square signage was recently removed from 250 E. Houston St. between Avenue A and Avenue B...

The 13-floor building changed hands for a reported $100 million last fall... The Dermot Company has stated they are "creating a more updated style and fit for the cool East Village neighborhood" with the renovations at the retail-residential complex.

Red Square opened for occupancy in June 1989. Workers removed the building's statue of Lenin from the roof last September. It's now standing on a nearby rooftop on Norfolk Street.

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Anonymous said...

At least the owners had the good sense to change the name after Lenin left. Not like the Holiday.

chris flash said...

"the cool East Village neighborhood"????

JQ LLC said...

Judge Reinhold of "Fast Times..." lived there once, I delivered to his apartment back in the 90's