Thursday, June 22, 2017

Former Kabin space on the market (again)

Kabin Bar & Lounge closed in March 2015 here at 92 Second Ave. between Fifth Street and Sixth Street after 10 years in business.

We recall a few people looking to open a new venture (bar) in the space. However, nothing ever materialized.

Last summer, the Sabet Group bought 92-94 Second Ave. from EMMES Property Group for $19 million. (The Sabet Group has made headlines for alleged tenant harassment in the past.)

A for rent sign recently appeared on the former Kabin. (A different broker this time.)

Some details via Winick:


Ground Floor: 2,200 SF
Basement: 1,150 SF

FRONTAGE: 18′ on 2nd Avenue


-Prime East Village Restaurant/Retail Opportunity
-Landlord to deliver premises with new glass storefront and vented for cooking use
-New direct long term lease, no key money
-Outdoor seating cafe possible
-All uses considered

Here's a rendering of what that new storefront might look like ...

Keeping that Kabin signage then?



This rendering is helpful as I've always had a difficult time envisioning what the space would look like if you taped a photo of the restaurant next door onto it. But it would be really helpful if we could see a more modern look. This one looks too welcoming to be successful.

If you look at all the new restaurants that have made it, the ones that have lasted an entire six months and then some, you'll see they all have one thing in common. They are made entirely of glass. Diner's want to be the unobstructed center of attention, like the shark Damien Hirst so famously froze in formaldehyde.

Present a rendering like that and this place will be off the market in no time.

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