Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Former L'Apicio space being gutted to make way for new Indian restaurant

Gut renovations have been underway in recent weeks at 13 E. First St. in the Avalon Bowery Place complex between Second Avenue and the Bowery.

L'Apicio closed here on May 20 after five years of serving high-end Italian.

Back in March, noted chef Sujan Sarkar got the OK for a liquor license here in a sale of assets to bring "upscale modern Indian cuisine" to the space.

RSVP Hospitality was the name of the LLC behind this venture... and one of the names on the front door now...

Anyway, workers look to be stripping the place down ...

There is no word on an opening date (or name) of the new establishment.

Sarkar is the chef partner at Ek Bar, "India's first Artisanal cocktail bar." He is also the chef of Rooh, a similar-sounding restaurant that opened in San Francisco early this year.

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L'Apico ends its 5-year run tomorrow night


Anonymous said...

The only people making any money in the EV are the interior renovation / construction trades! The eating establishments aren't, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

What strikes me from that photo is that All those glassy, glossy spaces are interchangeable - and they could be ANYWHERE. Nothing about those buildings says "New York".

Anonymous said...

For these high rents it will have to be food fit for a Maharajah with appropriate prices or it won't last long.

Anonymous said...

Upscale, up sell, hoist a sail and go to Hell.

If places like Haveli can't thrive here what chance is there for this? A little further north, an upscale Indian joint, The Royal Munkey predictably folded within a few months, after a last ditch rebranding effort to the Colonial Indian Supper Club.

Just don't think your artisanal thimble of $30 Dal is going to cut the chutney. gnomesayin'?

Anonymous said...

The best Indian food I've found in the city is either along 9th Ave in the Indian bodegas or Jackson Heights. Recently went to Babu Ji, overpriced but decent. Never really authentic.