Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The return of Hitchcocktober

Time again for the slate of Alfred Hitchcock films (Hitchcocktober!) on Thursday evenings in October at the Village East Cinema on Second Avenue and 12th Street.

Things begin tomorrow night at 8 with a crop duster of a thriller — "North by Northwest."


Oct. 12 — "Notorious"

Oct. 19 — "Vertigo"

Oct. 26 — "Rebecca"

And on Oct. 31, Halloween night, there's a screening of "Psycho."

You can buy advance tickets here. All films start at 8.


Scuba Diva said...

This may be my chance to finally see Notorious; back when I was in college, it was scheduled for film society one week, but the company sent us the wrong can—for the Frank Sinatra flick None But The Brave.

Anonymous said...

How bad were the Psycho sequels, the Psycho remake, and Bates Motel tv series? LOL

There's another supposedly final Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis coming out next October forty years to the date of the first Halloween release to be executive produced and scored by John Carpenter. No word about the Dr.Samuel Loomis character being in it. My guess is Loomis will be either mentioned in passing as dead or not mentioned at all, and if so it'd be the first Michael Myers-Halloween movie without him which would be strange. LOL @ Malcolm McDowell's zany Loomis in the Halloween remakes.