Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mount Sinai Union Square opens new urgent care center

[Eye room at Mount Sinai Downtown Union Square urgent care]

As you know, the Mount Sinai Health System is in the midst of its years-long project to rebuild Mount Sinai Beth Israel, transitioning to a network of smaller facilities throughout lower Manhattan.

One of those smaller facilities opened yesterday. Here's part of a media advisory via the EVG inbox yesterday...

Mount Sinai Health System today announced the opening, at the newly renovated Mount Sinai Union Square, of a state-of-the-art, full-service urgent care center, including pediatric care, which will feature daytime, evening, and weekend hours.

The renovation of the facility and creation of the urgent care center are part of Mount Sinai’s transformation of services south of 34th Street, which will include a new Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital with a highly advanced Emergency Department, expanded and renovated ambulatory and outpatient services, more than 35 operating and procedure rooms, and an extensive network of physician practices with more than 600 doctors.

The newly expanded and enhanced Mount Sinai Union Square now features modern procedure rooms and upgraded technology. Some of the upgrades include a fully integrated electronic health record system, secure in-room video conferencing for consultations with specialists and other medical consultants, and a secure online portal called “MyChart” through which patients can access their medical records.

For conditions that require an emergency room visit or hospital stay, patients will continue to be able to get care at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and its full-service emergency room, including award-winning cardiac and stroke services, which will remain open throughout this transformation.

The new Urgent Care Center is open Monday through Friday, 8 am – 8 pm, and 9 am – 5 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Find more details on the facility here.

Mount Sinai's plans include opening an expanded facility, featuring a 70-bed hospital, on 14th Street and Second Avenue while closing its campus on First Avenue and 16th Street.


Anonymous said...

Is that a green screen on that wall?

Anonymous said...

My biggest concern about the Mt Sinai restructuring of Beth Israel is that we appear to be losing the hospice unit. I had three friends from the community who spent their last days there, in comfort and with good care. Many of us have no family/home care option if we were to get to that point, and I'm not aware of any neighborhood alternatives. (Bellevue, for example, just has a very small and contracted-out hospice facility.) I've raised this in the various community forums and the mt Sinai survey, but no-one has any answers.

Giovanni said...

This does not make up for us losing over 700 hospital beds. Mount Sinai is now sending all their patients up to 101st St. to get treatment. So if you're visiting a patient, instead of being able to walk over to see them, now it could take you an hour to get up there ius another hour to get back. There is no way that 70 beds is adequate for the entire downtown popularion of Manhattan that they supposedly serve. The only other beds they are keeping downtown are for the mental health unit on 15th St. This was a real estate deal from the beginning to th help shore up Mount Sinai's poor financial condition. It's outrageous that they got away with it without a peep out of De Blasio.

Anonymous said...

Urgent Care is a rip off.

Anonymous said...

Alert - Mt. Sinai has started charging a facility charge to people on certain health care plans, including Healthfirst. In addition to the physician's copay, Mt. Sinai is now charging a co-pay of $35.00 just to step into certain of their facilities, including Philips Ambulatory Center on 4th Avenue and 15th Street, and their Senior Care location on 8th Ave and 24th Street. It seems, from what I've heard, that Mt. Sinai is targeting HMO health care plans, not preferred ones, so, of course, poorer people are again carrying the burden of paying more for health care. BTW, Mt Sinai started started this billing without advance notice to their patients or doctors.

Anonymous said...

Just like saint Vincents. Close the hospital which cares for the locals and open up an urgent care doc in the box. All of the important physicians have left the hospital. (Anonymous physician)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for them to apply for a liquor license. That'll be their remedy for everyone's who walks-in and works there.