Thursday, October 5, 2017

Poke N' Roll for 9th Street

Apparently the Great Poke Trend of 2015-2016 continues deeper into 2017.

As this photo via EVG contributor Steven shows, a sign arrived on the front door at the previously vacant 441 E. Ninth St. for Poke N' Roll...

As Eater has noted, restaurants serving the Hawaiian fish dish are a dime a dozen now, though with several standouts. So we'll see where Poke N' Roll will fall on the Poke Meter. Don't know anything else about this operation at the moment, such as if it's related to the Poke N Roll in Glendale, Calif. (Probably not.)

And this is one of the long-empty storefronts along East Ninth Street in the Icon Realty-owned building at Avenue A.

The women's boutique Cloak and Dagger was in this small storefront, before relocating to the next block of Ninth Street several years back.

The building on the northwest corner was eventually free of retail tenants after Icon's takeover. (Icon Realty bought the building at 145 Avenue A for $10.1 million in April 2014, according to public records.)

After sitting empty for 18 months, the spaces got its first new tenant with the flower shop Beetlebug back in February, then GelARTo in July.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why anyone chooses Icon as their landlord with all the free retail space in NYC.

The whole block really is a downer especially with the urns and wilted flowers in front.

Anonymous said...

Is that a shot at beetlebug? I think they're lovely.

Anonymous said...

Why has the mailbox that was in front of this location (and was removed by Icon when they were re-doing the sidewalk) never been put back?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:55 I surely rather see BeetleBug with lovely flowers and a strong sense of style than more food establishments, which only bring more litter to the street, more deliveries, commercial trash pickups in the middle of the night and more crowds to the sidewalk, making a lot of noise, smoking,waiting for their takeout orders or waiting for a table almost any night of the week. As a member of the ninth street block association, we certainly welcome any non invasive establishment such as BeetleBug

Anonymous said...

Love beetlebug on our block! Just don't know why they would choose to rent from Icon?