Friday, October 13, 2017

The Earth School's Annual Fall Fair is tomorrow in Tompkins Square Park

Via the EVG inbox...

The Earth School (on Sixth Street and Avenue B) is hosting its annual Fall Fair on Saturday Oct. 14, from noon-5 p.m. in Tompkins Square Park, on the corner of Avenue A and 10th Street. The fair brings kids and adults together for an afternoon of outdoor fun and camaraderie. The fair is also an important fundraiser for The Earth School and its proceeds will benefit the school's enrichment programs.

• silk screening
• a slime workshop
• make your own re-usable Halloween trick-or-treat bag
• cupcake decorating
• face painting
• the beloved photo booth
• fantastic PRIZES!

For the sporty, we have Mini-golf, Basketball, Toddler Games, and the Amazing Maze! The Fall Fair Shop will offer unique fashions and books for sale. Delicacies from around the world will highlight the diversity and multicultural heritage of the school.

Admission is free and tickets start at $1 for food and activities. Tickets can be purchased directly at the fair.

[Last year's Fall Fair action]


JQ LLC said...

The slime shop. That sounds like a blast, Oh to be a kid again

Anonymous said...

From the looks of the poster, it looks like there might a head shop too. Grooooooovy man.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love this event.

Anonymous said...