Friday, October 13, 2017

Space that was 5 restaurants in 1 year now for rent

In one year, 320 E. Sixth St. has been home to:

• Zerza
• 'Merica (for three whole weeks!)
• Zerza again
• Amoun Moroccan Mediterranean Cuisine & Lounge

Now the space between First Avenue and Second Avenue is on the rental market. Been waiting for the listing to show up online... but it's not there just yet.


Anonymous said...

Am I mistaken in thinking the lease this past year (at least) was held by the owners of all 5 of those failed restaurants? If so I assume this whole restaurant thing was an experiment in creativity and not a serious attempt to launch a meaningful business.

Anonymous said...

Is this a money laundering front? Is the problem the landlord? This doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

Come on, EVG, do some investigative reporting and break the story on this restaurant shamminess.