Wednesday, March 14, 2018

East Village Cheese lives on in Season 2 of 'Jessica Jones'

An EVG reader shared this screenshot from season two, episode four of "Jessica Jones" ... showing the shop on Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

In the scene (looks like summer!), Jess and Trish walk past the still-open East Village Cheese ... pause for a moment, and head inside East Village Wigs next door to question the owner. (I have never seen the show, so I'm not sure on the whys and what not behind what they are looking for...)

As for the non-Netflix version of the shop... still no sign of activity here...

[Photo from Monday]

EV Cheese quietly closed in early December ... On Dec. 21, co-owner Lobsang Tsultrim was spotted at the storefront along with a Remove All My Junk truck. Before some of the perishable items had been discarded, the aroma of ripe cheese had been noticeable in the adjacent storefront.

The nonpayment of rent notice arrived the second week of January. And the shop has been quiet ever since.

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Scott said...

Phoenix is featured prominently as well.