Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tac N Roll awaits an insurance assessment

Several readers sounded the alarm over the site of an empty Tac N Roll at 124 E. Fourth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Tac N Roll owner Eric Wong offered an explanation. His quick-serve food shop was looted late on May 31, along with many other local businesses...

[Photo on June 1 by Stacie Joy]

"[We] cleared out all the damages and equipment and are waiting on the insurance company assessment regarding the riot/vandalism in our store," he said in a message. "We would love to serve the neighborhood again depending on how much we get back [to be able] to order new equipment and fix our damaged decor. Hopefully, it would be soon."

Most recently, Tac N Roll was sharing the space with the pop up Black 6 Coffee Trading Co. The veteran-owned company, which was created to fund the nonprofit organization the Black 6 Project, was serving coffee and a variety of breakfast parathas.

Wong, a Marine veteran, opened Tac N Roll here in December 2015.

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