Monday, September 7, 2020

Uncle Leroy’s Sidewalk Sale coming to Tompkins Square Park today

[Photo from 9/7/19 by Stacie Joy]

One year ago today skateboarders celebrated the city's decision NOT to place artificial turf on the ballpark/TF in the northwest corner of Tompkins Square Park.

East Village resident Adam Zhu, who grew up skating here, launched a petition in late June 2019 to spare the asphalt from the fake turf ... and eventually gathered more than 32,000 signatures from people who wanted to preserve this important part of the skate community and youth culture. The outpouring of support was enough to change the minds of the Parks Department.

Today, skaters are celebrating this anniversary by bringing in Uncle Leroy’s Sidewalk Sale (background here via Vice about these sales that have been happening at McGolrick Park in Greenpoint this summer) to the space to raise money for at-risk local businesses and BLM causes.

[Invite via @z.h.u1]

The sale takes place from 1-6 p.m. today.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome kids. Glad we managed to help you, Adam.

Anonymous said...

Was this the crowded event in TSP yesterday?
I supported the movement to not put astroturf in. They need a place to skateboard.
But when they don’t mask, have big events which are illegal, smoke pot and leave a big mess for us as we found this morning when trying to use the’s easy to see why they have a bad reputation.
Please. Be good neighbors.