Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A look at local vaccination progress

This Gothamist headline yesterday read that "Most Of New York City Remains Undervaccinated." 

Vaccine hesitancy and barriers to access are cited as among the top reasons why more residents haven't received at least one dose of the vaccine. 

Per Gothamist:
About 44% of New York City residents have received at least one COVID-19 shot, and about 32% are fully vaccinated. But some neighborhoods are much further along than others. In wealthier and whiter zip codes, more than two-thirds of residents are at least partially vaccinated (one zip code in the Financial District is at 89%). Most neighborhoods in upper Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island are well below half their populations being fully vaccinated.
The article includes a map of vaccinations by zip code via statistics by the NYC Department of Health. 

Here's a look at zip codes in this area: 

Partially vaccinated: 58 percent 
Fully vaccinated: 42 percent 

Partially vaccinated: 62 percent 
Fully vaccinated: 45 percent 

Partially vaccinated: 60 percent 
Fully vaccinated: 43 percent

As of late April, appointments are no longer necessary at city- and state-run vaccination sites. The COVID vaccine finder is here

You can also schedule an appointment for certain vaccination sites by calling 877-VAX-4NYC (877-829-4692). Free transportation to vaccination appointments in NYC is available for city residents 65 and older and those with disabilities who have no other way to get to a vaccination site. To arrange for transportation, call 877-VAX-4NYC (877-829-4692).

Mayor de Blasio has set a goal of vaccinating 5 million New Yorkers by July 1.


Anonymous said...

around 60%! Proud of my neighborhood. Well done!

Giovanni said...

I’m fully vaccinated and expected most of my friends and neighbors to do the same, but no. One neighbor is a public schoolteacher who is too afraid to go back into the classroom and refuses to do so, but is also not getting vaccinated, When I tried to explain this contradiction to her she refused to listen. Two other neighbors are fitness instructors; one is an anti-masker so of course she is not getting vaccinated, the other masks but thanks her immune system is strong enough to fight the virus, yet she also thinks she and her family already had a bad case of Covid last year. Another is a High School principal and he doesn’t want to get one either. All are educated people, many are educators themselves, but it appears that nothing will convince them to get vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

It's people like Giovanni lists above that are the reason I never want to return to the office environment. Due to privacy laws, we cannot ask anyone if they've been vaccinated, and the employer is also not required to gather or provide that information. Why should I go through the effort of being vaccinated and taking care to make sure I don't endanger others, when others will not extend the same courtesy to me? How can this ever be resolved? I've really lost hope in humanity this last year.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the people who are elderly or unhealthy and don't vaccinate, young and stupid makes sense. Humans are strange animals, able to convince themselves of anything without any real evidence.

Anonymous said...

@10:27, Well said re: these antiquated privacy laws. For starters let's just admit that privacy doesn't exist anymore; we're living in the Information Age and if you have something to hide, well, you're probably doing something wrong. But it's especially upsetting when privacy takes precedence over public health. Honestly, I wouldn't be opposed to the notion of anti-vaxxers being forced to wear some kind of badge or identification or emitting some kind of signal that could be detected on our iPhones that would help us to steer clear of these selfish, stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Employers can absolutely demand that all employees be vaccinated .

Under the ADA, an employer can have a workplace policy that includes "a requirement that an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace."

If the employee doesn't want to be vaccinated then they can get a new job.

XTC said...

My experience is very similar to what Giovanni described. I know a guy with a masters degree in clinical psychology who told me the last time we spoke 4 months ago that he would not get a vax. Well he died last week not from the plague but from excessive drinking during the plague. He literally drank himself to death while homebound the past year. Destroyed his kidneys, killed his liver, had 4 blocked arteries, 2 heart attacks and internal bleeding. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Our numbers are good; I hope they get better. The anti-vax crowd is large, however. And people are finding clever ways to perpetuate the insanity...four members of my family in NJ refuse to vaccinate themselves or their children, And now they have fake letters that say they are allergic to ingredients in the vaccine. Wouldn't it just be simpler to get the damn shot?

Sarah said...

I've seen people doing street outreach on Grand St. the past couple of weekends, which is good, but they really should be working door-to-door at all NYCHA sites (in cooperation with tenant associations and other trusted local non-profits). Bluntly, we need to prioritize people who might be willing to be vaccinated but lack knowledge or access because of age, disability, or language/culture barriers over the dipshits who don't care how many people they kill as long as Applebee's stays open. The latter not only won't do it, but they get a kick out of refusing to.

Anonymous said...

@11:41 AM "Honestly, I wouldn't be opposed to the notion of anti-vaxxers being forced to wear some kind of badge or identification or emitting some kind of signal that could be detected on our iPhones that would help us to steer clear of these selfish, stupid people."

Yeah, have fun with that slippery slope. What's next, people that want to keep using cash instead of credit cards? People that don't want to get an iPhone? Who gets to decide what the rules are? You? God help us.

Not to mention that getting vaccinated, especially with something that has had a limited period of time for study in humans, is a personal choice.

You get your vaccination? Great for you. Somebody else decides not to, or not to yet? That's their choice. It doesn't necessarily mean that person is selfish, or stupid.

Is the air that thin up there on your high horse?

Anonymous said...

@3:21pm: What "slippery slope"?? Keeping people alive & healthy?Is that a bad slippery slope??

Students already cannot attend public school in NYC unless they prove they've been vaccinated against many diseases.

Would you like polio to come back, is that what you're in favor of? Or maybe we should just let chicken pox run rampant, b/c who cares if some people become blind or deaf or sterile? And really, who cares if that sets off shingles in lots of adults, even if post-herpetic syndrome leaves some of those people suicidal?

I have concluded, in terms of jerks who won't get the vaccine, that stupidity must be chromosomally dominant in Americans at this point in time. This country *used to* be a place where, if you had a solution to a major problem (like polio, or mumps, etc.), people would want to be part of the solution. Now they want to brag that they don't *believe* in the problem AND they want to vehemently show that don't care about anyone else.

That's not a society, it's chaos. I think what we now have is a very large collection of selfish, infantile morons who want to be catered to. IMO, these people are the stupidest, the laziest, and they vehemently do not care about anyone else.

I think they should tie a person's tax rate to getting vaccinated - that would sort things out fast enough. 25% tax penalty for not getting vaccinated would be a great start!

Beacon, NY said...

No pun intended but the percentage of fully vaccinated for Manhattan's 65 and older demographic is at 65%. This lower than the regions north of the city which hovers around 70% and going up soon.

Beacon, NY said...

The most educated county in New York State, yes, there is such a thing as being the most educated county which is Tompkins County in Upstate NY and 80% of its 65 and older demographic are fully vaccinated.

Here is an interactive map for the entire New York State region showing vaccination rates based on counties.

XTC said...

@4:16- I'm personally pro-vax, but that doesn't give me, or anyone, the right to demand that others share my view. The fact is nobody can definitively say the vax is completely 100% safe long term. For all the examples you gave one can also point out that drugs and chemicals that were once deemed perfectly safe are now banned- Cocaine, opium and heroin were commonly prescribed drugs 100 years ago. Lead paint and asbestos were once considered safe. Thalidomide (baby killer), Fen-phen (heart defects) , Agent Orange (cancer) were once thought safe. Electro shock treatments were once administered to cure homosexuality (famously, Lou Reed). Can you or anyone tell me about the effect that the massive amounts of antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that are present in our food chain have on our cellular and genetic structures? Is that what's made large sections of the population complete nutters today?

I got the jab because I'm convinced it protects one from severe Covid, certainly in the short term. Long term, couldn't say. Basically I went with the devil I don't know (vax) vs the devil I do know (plague).

Anonymous said...

Privacy doesn't exist anymore
People accept that

Anonymous said...

@6:24pm: You ask: "Can you or anyone tell me about the effect that the massive amounts of antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that are present in our food chain have on our cellular and genetic structures?"

Well, if you had enough time, yes, I actually COULD b/c I have a close relative who spent her entire career studying teratogens (look it up).

She particularly warned our family about the terrible effects of pesticides & herbicides on humans a good 45 or so years ago. She's now a professor emerita at the large university where she did her biochemistry research and where she also taught.

And I will add this: Knowing ALL that she knows, she got herself fully vaccinated against Covid at the earliest possible opportunity!

Billsville said...

The same people who will ingest large quantities of alcohol every weekend, who smoke chemical filled vape cartridges made in China, who buy cases of White Claw to drink with their super-sized McDonald’s meal, and who blindly trust that the drugs they gladly buy from a drug dealer whose real name they don’t even know are some of the same people who refuse to take the vaccine.

XTC said...

@10:35- Same here. Got the vax early on in NJ from a relative who is medical specialist. I didn't meet any of the qualifications except I am a heavy smoker (wink, wink). I trust the science (so far) but I don't necessarily trust the GOV. Blind acceptance of anything is the mark of a sure fool. I get that people are freaked out about anti- vaxxers, but when it comes to mercury poisoning in fish, or aluminum in cooking utensils and deodorant, or BPAs in plastic, or a million other harmful chemicals there is still only a relatively small group of people like your relative sounding the alarm. Where is the Warp Speed program to find a cure for autism, cancer, mental illness and on and on? Where is the outrage? Covid19, bad. Brain damage, not so much.

Anonymous said...

@4:16 Great p[ost/
@XTC "nobody can definitively say the vax is completely 100% safe" Are you fucking kidding? nobody can definitively say the air you're brweating right this minute is completely 100% safe.
Further, you just simply don't seem to understand the actual concept of "pandemic"

Anonymous said...

No vaccine, against any pathogen, is 'completely 100% safe'
Neither is getting Covid.
Guess which one has more chance of killing you.

And your 'personal choice' ends when it might kill someone near you.

I'm hardly the first to observe this, but Americans used to be able to pull together. I can't imagine the selfish wimps we are today making it through WWII, can you?

R.A. said...

I am in absolute disbelief when I read some of the posts from the VaxNazis. We live in the United States of America.
For those who believe that they have any rite to take away our freedom, because of their presumptuous view of how
the current vaccine may effect public health is completely arrogant and unfounded.
There is absolutely no conclusive data on how these type of synthetic pathogen “vaccines” will effect us in the long run. Let alone there is little known about their effects on transmission of virus. So if you feel comfortable injecting yourself with a substance that was never even tested on animals. I wish you the best. but save your presumptuous statements on public health till we know more about what the true effects will be.

Anonymous said...


complete nonsense, there’s quite a bit known about the efficacy of the vaccines stopping viral spread, the mrna vaccines are above 95%. You are free to not vaccinate, and businesses are free to not admit you.

R.A. said...

You are absolutely wrong. There have been no long term double blind studies. There was zero animal testing.
And a no conclusive data regarding transmission has released. Good luck in court to any business that tries anything like that

Anonymous said...

You are the one that is wrong. Try googling, you can find dozens of multinational, placebo-controlled, observer-blinded, pivotal efficacy trials.

And plenty of countries and businesses already require proof of vaccination to enter, tough for you, I guess.

R.A. said...

They are all short term studies.
That is why no current COVID vaccine has.full FDA approval.
If you are going to be a VazNazi. You should at least read the fact sheet that is available for any vaccine.

Anonymous said...

“As NYC’s restaurants, bars, and other businesses race toward reopening at full capacity starting on May 19, a number of venues have already starting requiring guests to show proof that they’re vaccinated. It’s a possible trend as more people gather en masse, according to the New York Times, who checked in on places like Rumi, a ballroom and event space in Chelsea, and other parties across town that asked people to show their C.D.C. vaccination cards and other forms of documentation.”

from Eater