Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ariel Palitz responds to Daily News article, 'ripe for picking' comment

As you may recall, the Daily News reported last Thursday that the East Village — specifically East Houston and southern parts of First Avenue — were destined to become some kind of MePaSoho Deluxe Hybrid that would blow up the nightlife world as we knew it.

Or something.

The article included a quote from Ariel Palitz, who is currently trying to sell her club, the Sutra Lounge on First Avenue ... she is also a member of the Community Board 3's Liquor Authority & Department of Consumer Affairs Licensing committee.

Here's the quote that riled up some readers in the comments:

"The East Village is ripe for the picking right now. There's an opportunity to change the culture and the makeup of the neighborhood from the underground nightlife experience to a high-end clientele."

Yesterday, Palitz responded in the comments:

I know that many of my adversaries will find this impossible to believe but I was grossly misquoted and misinterpreted in the Daily News piece. Anyone who knows me and my mission knows that for over 15 years I have been devoted to New York preservation and have fought to keep the integrity of the Nightlife scene. I would NEVER say that East Village is ripe for the picking for an elite meatpacking scene, even though that scenario it is plausible that it will happen, it is not my mission. What I DID say was that because of the widespread closing of venues in the East Village that it was time for a Renaissance, an end of an era for many venues that have been open for many years and that it would inevitably change the existing culture here. I don't know how or why my words were twisted, and I do know that anything I say will always be used against me due to my pro nightlife stance. I usually don't defend myself against such things but this is way out of bounds from my beliefs and from what I said and I felt clarification was in order. Believe it or not.

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tiny tim said...

Knowing how mainstream media tends to distort things that are said, I'm willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to her.

Anonymous said...

"Believe it or not." I don't believe it. This is a woman who is notorious for slips of the tongue. This is a pathetic attempt to save herself. During the infamous battle with Superdive she told residents who were in opposition that if Hitler were applying for a license at this location they should meet with him and hear his plans. She has also stupidly used inappropriate language at SLA hearings including referring to someone as a douchebag. She is always belligerent, insulting residents, and aggressively supporting every applicant that comes through. Any time she has supported residents was to appear reasonable to ensure a favorable vote for one of her cronies who were on the agenda later that evening, or as a way to redeem herself for past slips of the tongue. A recent meeting where she did this was the one where an infamous
three floor lounge the Ludlow Manor (now the DL) was taken over by her friend Paul Seres, who promised to run a clean operation and "do everything by the book". The despicable operation received unanimous approval to be taken over by Seres and they were approved for a bar on every floor. She sits there at cb meetings looking bored, she acts like everyone is wasting her time, she's always looking at her cell phone, or putting on lip gloss, and one time she even started taking pictures of the crowd. There was this one woman who has lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years, she got up at the meeting and told her story of how she pretty much has no life, that the base from the stereo comes right up into her apartment. Do you know what Ariel said to her. She said, you should put down carpeting. This is to one of our senior members of the East Village. Dominic Pisciotta Berg refused to do anything about her belligerent behavior.

Gojira said...

Oh of course, now it makes sense. Because "Renaissance" and "Ripe for the picking" both start with R, of course the moron interviewing her got confused. (Ahem.)

Rocky Raccoon said...

@anon 10:36 - she is a joke and so is her pal Paul Seres - check out how he has improved the Ludlow Manor since she vouched for him:

Anonymous said...

The Daily News and the Post are rags. I believe her.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are rags but also keep in mind Sutra is a shithole wanting to appeal the meatpacking district crowd but the closest they get are sporadic frat douches as clientele.

Anonymous said...

I was grossly misquoted back in the early 90's by the Daily News. I worked in a small vintage furniture store on Lafayette Street, this is a decade before NoLita. We had a piece of furniture from Italy circa 1940's, I referred to it as Mussolini era Italy, the newspaper quoted me as saying we sold Nazi furniture. I am not kidding I was mortified.