Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blackbird opens tonight at 9

Construction delays KO'd Blackbird's opening last Thursday evening... However, the bar taking over the former Lakeside Lounge space on Avenue B at East 10th Street will now open tonight at 9, per the EVG inbox (and the sign outside the bar) ... Blackbird is owned and operated by Lakeside principal Laura McCarthy, as BoweryBoogie first reported.

[Image from last week by Bobby Williams]

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Anonymous said...

Went there last night and ran into a lot of locals. Really comfortable and beautiful's the original 1930's bar that was in Lakeside as well (just cleaned up and stained dark). Music was fantastic. Bartenders and the owners are personalities for sure (that guy Tom from Magician works on Mondays..which was an extremely pleasant surprise). What a nice surprise this place turned out to be. I'll take it!