Monday, August 6, 2012

Updated: Incoming Starbucks on First Avenue will have another window; walk up window perhaps?

[March 30]

Looking at the incoming Starbucks here on First Avenue at 13th Street ... workers are, uh, working on putting in a window, probably... (or maybe the double-brick look is in...)

Or. Perhaps it will be a walk-up window like at the McDonald's around the bend on East 14th Street...?

Updated 8-7

Oh, never mind...

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pinhead said...

Reminded me of this undated NYPL photo of a chicken market at 351 E 13th, the remnants/outline of which can still be seen in the above photo. If you look closely, you'll see you could have your chickens killed and cleaned (in hot water), a service I'm guessing won't be offered at the new Starbucks.

EV Grieve said...

Any chicken killing-and-cleaning market would have to have a liquor license today.

Just for wine to pair with the gizzards while you wait.

pinhead said...

And anyway, the EV is over for chicken killing-and-cleaning.

(Hear that NJ Yelpers? Take your fowl to Williamsburg!)

JAZ said...

Live poultry isn't gonna catch on in the EV until chickens can be taught to let out a high pitched "woo" as the decisive cut arrives.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Starbucks gets its butt whupped...just like the one on East 3rd. Even the new rich kids living in $2500/mo micro studios don't want to go there!

nygrump said...

I always see lots of people on E 3rd, and the Beans are all full - even McD's - we need living space desperately. But I see the local chicken kill as the ultimate feature in the artisinal game - your chicken isn't killed in AK and then flown to China to be processed and then flown back (which they do) - "our chickens are killed to order" - like a real lobster pound. Enjoy your beef now, the herds are being culled due to high feed prices, next year the price will skyrocket.