Monday, May 4, 2015

Now playing at the Quad Cinema: Closed for Renovations

[Image via Cinema Treasures]

Last August, Variety reported that the Quad Cinema had been sold to real-estate developer Charles S. Cohen.

Cohen, a well-known film buff, has plans to renovate the 43-year-old theater on East 13th Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue.

Anyway, it's now renovation time. The theater closed back on Friday, and will return in the fall, per the Quad's website:

"New York City has perhaps the greatest concentration of serious cinema lovers in the country," said Cohen in a statement published by Indiewire, "but for too long, these great, knowledgeable fans have had few places to see classic and important films on the big screen. The always-vital Quad Cinema will now become an even more important destination for classic films and compelling new ones – and the moviegoers who love them."

The present plan is for the theater to keep its name and to maintain its four-screen configuration.

"The torch has been passed so that the Quad can remain a beacon of opportunity here in New York for the independent film community," Cohen said.

According to Cinema Treasures, the Quad was Manhattan's first four-screen theater when it opened in 1972.



DAVID said...

Cute little place. Glad it's being taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I hope for the sake of the community, that it is indeed a renovation, and not a closure. Places like this are what make New York what it is.

Anonymous said...

Cohen sounds like that rare breed in real estate developers: a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cohen, thank you for trying to keep the village neighborhood the way it used to be, real neighborhood with a real arts history. Hope there are others like you still in NYC.

Alan Shuback said...

Sounds like a very good idea, but Cohen has a history of exhibiting everything on DCP. Will we ever see a film at the Quad again?