Saturday, May 23, 2015

If you'd like a look at the art show inside 190 Bowery

[Photo last Saturday by Scuba Diva]

Last Saturday afternoon, a lot of people turned up at 190 Bowery for the Aby Rosen/Vito Schnabel-backed group exhibition titled "First Show/Last Show."

Unbeknownst to most people, though, the public opening was no longer public. The exhibit was now by appointment only.

So Joanna Purpich at Gothamist made an appointment… and paid a vist this past week.

While inside, I spoke with fellow patron Kiki Falconer who said, "I really like the state of the building as a gallery, The tiles are broken, the wood is bare and it's elegant, ancient. So it's a really nice juxtaposition to the modern art." But the gallery offered limited access to the mansion. Only four rooms were on display—three cavernous and bright rooms on ground level, and a short, windowless, half floor room that was jarringly oppressive in comparison.

You may visit Gothamist here to see photos of the work. And there are no lines.

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Anonymous said...

What did anyone expect, really? Aby Rosen + Vito Schnabel = shitshow for real!

Giovanni said...

Nobody really wanted to see the craptastic "art" show, which from the photos looks like an abstract expressionist's nightmare. People really wanted to see the building, which was the whole point of Vito Schnabel putting it here before he locked the doors on everyone but his without a doubt soon to be ex-girlfrend Heidi Klum. Do you really think if they put this show in a gallery in Chelsea or SoHo anyone would care? They wanted a scene and they got it. Had they let the public in to actualy see the "art" work people would have run out of the building as fast as they ran in.