Monday, May 25, 2015

Week in Grieview

[Photo of Savannah by Derek Berg]

The New York Public Library unveils, an interactive map that brings its digitized collection of vintage photos to life (Thursday)

CB3 hosting fundraiser for Second Avenue (Wednesday)

Life at 114 E. First St.: Bed bugs, rats and the stench of decay (Tuesday)

The East River will play host to the city's Fourth of July fireworks for the second consecutive year (Wednesday)

Out and About with Robert Shapiro of Social Tees Animal Rescue (Wednesday)

Pilar Jewelry Repair has closed on East Seventh Street (Wednesday)

A new fence for the Second Avenue blast site; tributes to victims will remain (Monday)

Demolition of 118 E. First St. begins to make way for 9-story residential building (Thursday)

1-year anniversary for Mikey Likes It on Avenue A (Tuesday)

About the 56,610 square feet of new retail coming to East 14th Street (Wednesday)

Firefighter chases down alleged phone thief (Monday)

Union Square getting a bank branch-coffee shop combo (Friday)

Part of the former Life Cafe now for rent (Wednesday)

Peter Brant meets the neighbors (Thursday)

East Village Organic is now open on First Avenue (Saturday)

Two new sidewalk cafes (Wednesday)

20 years of "Kids" (Wednesday)

Kava bar coming to East 10th Street (Monday)

… and a He-Man sighting in Tompkins Square Park on Saturday…

[Photo by EVG reader Steven]


Anonymous said...

for most of the 90's I live in Chelsea and He Man (clones) were an everyday thing. I moved back to the EV where until recently people were less concerned about the bodies.

Eden Bee said...

Tarzan Mike!

Anonymous said...

What's the letter grade for that sidewalk cafe?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial Day to this fine ev grieve blog.

Anonymous said...

The dog is looking at those dropped McDonald's french fries and thinking "WTF is that? I'm not eating that shit!" Or at least I hope that's what he/she is thinking in his/her wordless mind. Good Doggy! Smart Doggy!

Anonymous said...

Ohh who the stud xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Look! A four-legged friend is enjoying alfresco dining at an Amanda Burden-Christ cement oasis!