Monday, May 18, 2015

Curb your enthusiasm: New sidewalks coming to Cooper Square/3rd Avenue

The next phase of the Astor Place/Cooper Square Reconstruction starts today … with new curb and sidewalk installations for Cooper Square/Third Avenue from East Fourth Street to East Ninth Street.

So expect some better curbs for this rather curb-less stretch of Cooper Square…

Here's the ongoing reconstruction project's Anticipated Work Schedule/Activities for May-June (PDF!) from the city:

•Village Plaza: Continue assisting Con-Ed with gas main offset.
• Cooper Sq. West, from E. 4th to Astor Place: Installing new curbs/sidewalks
•Peter Cooper Triangle Park: Installing permeable pavers and bioswales.
•Third Ave, from E. 9th to E. 4th Street: Installing new curbs, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps.
•E. 4th from Bowery to Second Avenue: Utility work. Installing new catch basins and curb bump-outs.
•Third Avenue, from E. 4th to E. 9th Streets: Installing nine concrete center medians.
•Installation of catch basins in various locations.

The centerpiece of all this some day will be the expanded Alamo plaza...

Workers boxed up the Cube for safekeeping during the reconstruction of Astor Place this past Nov. 25.

The Plaza has been used for the annual NYCxDESIGN celebration these past few days … with some spun chairs designed by Herman Miller…

Anyway, as for when the cube will return … the city noted that the surface work for the Alamo plaza is on hold "pending MTA approval."

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Anonymous said...

You mean the expanded Amanda Burden-Christ plaza!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why it's taking years to complete this project whereas the Empire State Building--a much bigger project--was finished in two years?
Government crookeaucracy?


Walter said...

Reminds me of a lawyer joke: Father in law bequeaths his daughter's husband a case. 2 weeks later, the son in law proudly shows up at a family dinner and proclaims: "Dad, I won the case" ...whereupon the father stated: "Son...this case paid for my daughter's nannies, grammar school and college."
Well, you had to be there.

Anonymous said...

Poor Death Star and Glass Tower of Terror™. They'll spend the next 15 years surrounded by a moat of boondoggle construction.

Anonymous said...

What used to ba a simple one cross has now added. Up to 4 !!SUCH A NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we fought this project and were obviously unsuccessful. Think of all the money that is being wasted. The streets are being narrowed, which means more air and noise pollution. Cooper Union 2, Community 0.

DrBOP said...

'Dat video brings a whole different take on "the kids bein' off their rockers"!