Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week in Grieview

[Dance Parade photo yesterday by Michael Sean Edwards]

Another setback for B&H Dairy (Wednesday)

Rumor: Moonstruck Diner opening location on Avenue A (Tuesday)

Enz's Boutique returns to Second Avenue (Tuesday)

The V-Spot coming soon to St. Mark's Place (Monday)

Ben Shaoul now has until the end of July to demolish his illegal penthouse on East Fifth Street (Friday)

The Black Rose opens at 117 Avenue A (Friday)

Fat Sal's has closed on Avenue A; new owners to open another pizzeria (Thursday)

Juice Press on 10th near A closes (Friday)

Out and About with Rineke (Wednesday)

Equinox signs deal for Ben Shaoul's new retail-residential complex on East Houston (Wednesday)

Hammer attacks in/around Union Square (Tuesday)

Avenue A wants its sidewalk back (Monday)

Out with Lunasa and in with The Grafton on First Avenue (Monday)

Will proposed taxi stand on Avenue A bring relief to Punjabi Grocery & Deli? (Tuesday)

Activity at 500 E. 14th St. (Tuesday)

Raccoon rescue in Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday)

Turntable Retro Bar & Restaurant ready to play on East Fourth Street and Avenue B (Monday)

Former St. Mark's Bookshop space still for rent on Third Avenue (Thursday)

Demolition for Domino's (Wednesday)

The Bar Akuda sign arrives on First Avenue (Monday)

… and workers today removed a crabapple tree from Tompkins Square Park… Michael at Tompkins Trees said that it had been dead for more than a year…

[Tree photos by Derek Berg]


blue glass said...

had two coffees and shared a piece of cake at moonstruck on second avenue around 58th street - bill came to over $13.00

Walter said...

Now you know why I don't go there anymore

Walter said...

You said 58th Street...was that a typo and you actually meant 5th Street?

Anonymous said...

There are several Moonstruck Diners in the city, including one at 250 East 58th Street and 2nd Avenue.

blue glass said...

the one on 5th street is not quite as expensive as the one on 58th street
i do miss the old cooper square restaurant

Anonymous said...

As to cutting down a Crabtree where are the proper safety items or is that not looked at shorts and a chainsaw well ....

Anonymous said...

I called 311 about that tree last year. There are a couple more dead trees in TSP that need to come down.