Saturday, May 30, 2015

Waiting for Manhattanhenge

Not much of a Henge last night… people were out ready, though…

Perhaps it will by more Henge-worthy this evening at 8:12 for the Full Sun on the Grid.

Photo on Third Avenue and East 14th Street by James and Karla Murray


Anonymous said...

Oh, so protesting against police brutality brings an army of police suited in riot gear and arrests by them left and right but this Millenial/Hipster crap (whatever it is) doesn't bring the cops. Ahhhh the hypocrisy. The racism flows within NYPD. Outraged people of all colors blocking street traffic bad, happy shiny white people blocking street traffic (like in this photo) good.

Anonymous said...

The cops were cruising up and down every major cross street yelling at people over their loudspeakers to get out of the streets. They were pretty irate about it, but people just waiited for them to pass befoe jumping out into the middle of the street again so it was pretty funny. The difference is these people weren't protesting against the police or making a political statement, so the cops saw no need to make any mass arrests or to violate people's constitutional rights.