Monday, May 18, 2015

Peter Brant's East 6th Street Outreach Tour 2015 continues

[EVG file photo]

Reps for Peter M. Brant and his architect are meeting tomorrow night at Village View to discuss the art collector's plans for 421 E. Sixth St., the building he purchased last year for $27 million...

Well, the posted flyers note that the owner will answer questions. (What are the chances that Peter Brant will be at this meeting?)

In any event, among other modifications/additions, Brant's reps are calling for a rooftop terrace and a garden to the west of the building here between Avenue A and First Avenue. (Read more about the plans here.)

During a CB3 Landmarks Committee meeting last month, residents learned that the building is intended to be a gallery space to display Brant's personal art collection. The intention is to have approximately two shows per year, with the first show scheduled for Fall 2016. (Hopefully Vito Schnabel's people won't be doing the planning.)

The meeting is at the Village View Community Room at 6:30 p.m., 175 E. Fourth St.

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Anonymous said...

The sign says the owner will be there. That would be Mr. Brant himself, no?

Anonymous said...

Why even ask the community? If the local bars can do whatever they please (and they do), of course a multi-millionaire is going to be able to do what he wants to do.

Anonymous said...

I'd guess the "owner" is an LLC created solely for the property, and the manager of that LLC is probably who will attend.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make who shows up? Some of you don't leave the comfort of the comment sections anyway let alone leave your apartments.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Brant will be there, not in person but on a little TV monitor sitting on a table, teleconferencing while he's flying off to a polo match on his private jet, so when the questions get too difficult he can just change the channel.

Anonymous said...

This is foolish of him. It's just an invitation for every idiot NIMBY, huckster with an angle to play, and self-important and self-appointed king of the village to gather whatever kind of ammo they want for their own personal agendas. If he were smart, he'd keep his own counsel and do everything as low key as possible.

Anonymous said...

This is Mr. Brant speaking. I welcome you all to attend. There will be champagne.

Anonymous said...

I tried to email the address: "" <>, google said it does not exist.


Anonymous said...

We don't need more noise. The quality of life is already degraded. The rooftop parties have got to stop.

Anonymous said...

I have called the Brant Foundation twice to see if they will be hiring for any positions,. They have no idea. You would think they would at least hire from the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

No communities no neighborhoods no human resources. Just robots. End times.

Giovanni said...

Jobs for local residents? Art shows open to the public? Community outreach? Are you kidding me? Did you see the shit show that the Schnabels just dumped on the Bowery last week? Oh no, this whole thing reeks of a combined short-term tax shelter and long-term real estate play by another One Percenter who just wanted a trophy building to hang is art in the hottest real estate market in NYC.

Brant keeps selling art (the market for which is exploding) to prop up his dying newsprint business (does anyone read newspapers anymore?) Now he makes more money from the art than from the paper business. With prices in the art market exploding (since global robber barons have to put their money somewhere and art can be transported easily) he is smartly setting up a showcase in the EV to increase the value of his collection.

Once the art bubble bursts, as it always does, he can sell the building off or convert it into a mega mansion and sell it off too. Prove me wrong, Mr. Brant, or else don't waste our time with community outreach notices and phony e-mail addresses that don't seem to exist.