Tuesday, May 19, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: A puppet master reflects on his lost work; Bowery residents rally against landlord

[Millie at Himalayan Visions on 2nd Avenue by Susan Benjamin]

A puppet master lost his life's work in the deadly explosion on March 26 (WNYC)

Bowery residents speak out against "slumlord" (Gothamist)

A visit to V-Nam Cafe on First Avenue (Fork in the Road)

Margaret Chin calls on HPD to transfer lots to Siempre Verde Garden (BoweryBoogie)

Photos from the Dance Parade on St. Mark's Place Saturday (Gog in NYC)

Your chance to weigh in on a flood barrier planned along the East River (The Lo-Down)

Newly discovered photos of Stiv Bators and the Dead Boys (Dangerous Minds)

More details about the Lower East Side Film Festival (Entertainment Weekly)

And tonight — "Comics Love the East Village: A Benefit for the Victims of the East Village Fire" (Find details here)


Anonymous said...

The Comedy benefit is great, but it is being done uptown on Broadway, which is fine, but you think UCB would do something being that they are in the hood. Oh but they have never done anything for the hood except profit from it and mock people's concerns. Many of our small businesses on 2nd ave are struggling yet the fund to help them is sitting at donations of 5k. Sad that none of the people profiting from the neighborhood with their restaurants and bars are willing to help out other businesses. Everyone profits off the hood, but very few give back - I guess that's the society we live in now. Instead of "all for one and one for all" - "it's all for me and fu** you - if you can't afford it here, just leave."

EV Grieve said...

The benefit was originally scheduled for the Eastville Comedy Club on East Fourth Street. Not sure why there was a change in location.

Adrianna said...

!!! omg! I've walked past that Tibetan store on second avenue hundreds of times the past 8 years, but didn't notice that beautiful cat until recently. For a while my daily commute routine would include going up to Millie as she sunbathed in the window display behind the store grate

Susan Benjamin said...

I was told Millie disappeared during the gas explosion on March 26th, then reappeared a few days later on her own. She's a lovely girl.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:42: Can it already. "Everyone profits off the hood, but very few give back - I guess that's the society we live in now." Yeah, because that's not been going on for the last 3,000 years... Like greed was just invented or something...

Anonymous said...

What a cute kitty :)