Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[Updated] Pilar Jewelry Repair has closed on East 7th Street

We're not sure when exactly this happened… we only noticed this past weekend that the small shop was gone on East Seventh Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square.

We didn't spot any goodbye to patron signs on the door … and there isn't any message on the shop's website … and the phone number is disconnected.

Pilar La Rosa opened here at No. 32 in 1992.

In February 2013, the Voice talked with Pilar and Walter, her husband of 50-plus years, dubbing them the "Cutest East Village Couple."

Walter is always soft spoken, listens intently, and smiles with warmth. Pilar, on the other hand, fills up the narrow shop with her laughter and straightforward banter. The pair first met when Pilar was 16 and Walter was 21. Although her parents didn't approve of Walter, she waited five years for him. It was during that lull that Walter came to the United States to work. He returned to Lima, married Pilar, got her a visa and they've been together ever since.

According to the listing, all uses will be considered for the space. The rent is available upon request.

Updated 12:52 p.m.

A reader let us know that Walter recently passed away, and Pilar closed up the store to go live with family...


Anonymous said...

As a jewelry lover and a supporter of our mom-and-pop shops, I would go in there sometimes to try to support it. Never did buy anything. I wondered if they got enough business to stay afloat; didn't seem like it.

eqnyc said...

I had heard that Pilar's closed suddenly. I'm sorry for the news on several levels of course but one of them is that the store disappeared with a piece of my paid for to be repaired jewelry in it. i don't suppose anyone has an idea of what happened to items in there. and incidentally, they had my name and phone number with my piece. thanks for any help. i'll check back for comments!

Unknown said...

May check with the former landlord to see if she left any contact information or knows how to get in touch with her. Also, maybe see if the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can help.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to reach Pilar's as one of my rings has been there for repair. There is no forwarding contact information and my ring is a family gift that I would like to get back, if possible. I called for an update on my ring and heard of the sad news about the loss of her husband who had recently passed. I told her I would call back after a few weeks as I knew she was under a lot of stress from her great loss. When I called back 3 weeks later, the line was disconnected and the store was closed down. Any help or advice is appreciated to Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I lived on east 7th st. I used to go to pilars and look wustfully at earrings, wishing i had someone to wear them for. Pilar saw me and said..
You want someone to be with you.