Friday, May 29, 2015

More about the new Café Pick Me Up-Gnocco combo on East 10th Street

As we previously noted, Café Pick Me Up on Avenue A at East Ninth Street will close for good after service on Sunday.

The owners also operate Gnocco, and plan to move the cafe to that restaurant at 337 E. 10th St. just west of Avenue B next week.

DNAinfo's Lisha Arino has a few more details on how all this will work.

Gnocco has only been open for dinner, but beginning June 3, it will expand its hours and will start serving most of Café Pick Me Up’s coffee and food offerings, including pastries, sandwiches and omelets, said Gian Luca Giovanetti, who co-owns both locations with Pierluigi Palazzo and Clemente Valguarnera.

Daytime customers will also be able to order pizza at lunchtime, Giovenetti added. Gnocco will be open for breakfast, lunch and delivery every day starting at 10 a.m., he said.

Gnocco seats 74 people, he said, and includes a backyard outfitted with a few power outlets.

The Café Pick Me Up-Gnocco mashup is expected to open Wednesday, where you can get a free coffee starting at 10 a.m.

Café Pick Me Up's owners have said that a rent hike at 145 Avenue A courtesy of Icon Realty as well as higher property taxes led to the decision to close the 20-year-old space.

Icon is currently listing the storefront… asking $15,000 a month for the space, which includes 600 square feet on the ground floor and 724 square feet in the basement.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I like that there is outdoor space in the back and that pizza at lunch is an option!

Anonymous said...

Ninth Street Espresso is two doors away.

Anonymous said...

Souds gods until the new locals start up thier complaining...
Can anyone say Yaffa...

Anonymous said...

What about the 9th Street Cafe? It sounds like a price war is "brewing" here.

Anonymous said...

9th Street is more of a take away and drinkable coffee. Pick me up is a sit down with almost drinkable coffee so they can cohabitate.

Anonymous said...

Ninth Street makes superb, strong coffee drinks and Pick Me Up has never (they serve coffee-flavored hot water).