Thursday, December 3, 2015

DeRobertis lives on! (in Clifton, N.J.)

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Just about a year ago to the date, the 110-year-old DeRobertis Pasticceria and Caffe closed shop after 110 years in business on First Avenue between East 10th Street and East 11th Street. The economy, age and health reportedly compelled the four De Robertis siblings to sell the building.

However, it turns out that the family decided to start up the business again — in Clifton, N.J.

Here's an email they recently sent to their supporters:

Hello! I Hope everyone is doing well! This is the DeRobertis Family (DeRobertis Pasticceria & Caffe of 176 1st Ave, NY, NY). Well, the reason l am contacting you is because on Nov. 23 we opened up a place called DeRoLicious Delights.

My Father John, Brother John, Tony the Baker and I (Dana) have decided to continue the business in Clifton, NJ. We are very excited to be back sharing our family tradition with new and old friends. We have a retail space available to visit AND an Online Shop available for people to order Biscotti, Butter Cookies & more. Our website is

Our address is 64 1/2 Market St., Clifton, NJ, 07012. Phone #973-777-0010. I hope you are doing great! We are so excited to be Back!! Wishing you All a healthy & happy Holiday Season!
-The DeRobertis Family at DeRoLicious Delights

The former DeRobertis space is now home to Black Seed bagels.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who grew up in the dirty Jersey and cried on my last visit to DeRobertis, this news pleases me greatly.

Henri Cervantes said...

road trip!

sam_the_man said...

Good for them, and I'll certainly stop by if I'm in Clifton.
But the new name, I'm sorry, it's horrendous.

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful. I do hope their rent isn't $14 million a year tho.....

Anonymous said...

> But the new name

fugedaboutit, it's joisey. dat's what they calls storz over dere.

It Was Her New York said...

Wonderful news!!!

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't they use their original name again? Presumably they own it/the rights to it.

So, they weren't really ready to retire -- they just needed a year's vacation?! (And a shorter commute.)

Anonymous said...

Good for them! So this is where we are, NYC has increasing more chain stores & NJ gets our indie gems. Unreal.

Daryl said...

The sad thing about this is that they opened up right next to a bakery that has been located in Clifton for as long as I can remember.

I'm not against a little bakery rivalry but why do you have to open one that shares a wall with another family owned bakery?