Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Live painting with Mike (MiMo) Mozart at 212 Arts on East 4th Street

Words and photos by Stacie Joy

On Sunday afternoon, I stopped by 212 Arts where gallery co-directors Lulu Reich and Marc Leader hosted Mike (MiMo) Mozart's live-painting event.

[From left: Mozart, Reich and Leader]

Mozart is part of the Art Basel on 4th Street exhibit at the gallery, 240 E. Fourth St. at Avenue B, where you can also see works by Claw, Sean Sullivan, Blind156 and Reso, among others, through Dec. 31.

Mozart, a longtime illustrator, has also apparently been doing ghost-drawing for Alec Monopoly ... including work featuring Hasbro's iconic board-game character Mr. Monopoly. (BoweryBoogie recently looked into the relationship between Mozart and Monoploy here.)

During the time I was there on Sunday, Mozart's work was selling and there were people clearly excited and entertained to see him creating art on-site.

Here, Mozart created a pen-and-ink (with pastels and pencil) rendition of Mr. Moneybags...

You can find more info on the 212 gallery here.


Anonymous said...

is he the guy who did Mr. Moneybags nailed to the cross? And now it's Mr. Moneybags with angel wings? I don't get it.

Makeout said...

Duh. Crucified & went to Heaven. Probably stopped at Starbucks on the way.