Thursday, December 17, 2015

Smoke shop, the new nail salon, opening in former nail salon on Avenue A

Well, OK — if you made it past that headline... a tipster tells us that a smoke shop (water-pipe and vaping accessories, etc.) is opening over at 221 Avenue A between East 13th Street and East 14th Street where the nail salon was. No one was around the premises to confirm. But this is what our tipster hears.


Anonymous said...

I was told the same thing by the guys working on the space; also, if you pass while the gate is up, it's pretty clear from the shelving that it's going to be a smoke shop. Also this used to be my nail salon, but after the whole NYT "salon expose" kerfuffle, a lot of these cheaper places were bound to close, and prices needed to go up at the salons that survived. Although I miss the kind folks at that salon … ANYway, I'm fine with a smoke shop. Lord knows this end of the neighborhood would be much better if people were stoned rather than drunk. Bring on the weed, NY State.

My only concern is if this store will also sell beer, like the smoke shop one avenue west does, because that will pull money from EVGourmet aka the bodega a few doors down.

blue glass said...

smoke shops also sell snacks and tons of soda, beer, candy, and other accoutrements for getting high
they have become as plentiful as pizza joints
yes, better than a bar but can't anyone find a store that is more of a benefit to a neighborhood?
like lemmings the new stores follow each other into totally boring.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest idea since cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

So bored of these "smoke shops" and I'm not sure how they make money. Also, these vape shops are so dumb...why put in so much effort and money for a bullshit fad that will make your store close after a couple years or less? Like the "vape bar" on Orchard...give me a break. Who's gonna go there?

Anonymous said...