Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Candles for Joe Strummer

As of around 5 p.m., someone had left two candles at the Joe Strummer mural outside Niagara, East Seventh Street and Avenue A.

Strummer, the lead vocalist of the Clash, died 13 years ago today.



paddy523 said...

I've noticed over the past few years the amount of candles and flowers has decreased, largely because there's fewer of us left who remember.

Gojira said...

Same thing with the flowers and candles left in front of Engine 5 on 9/11 anniversaries. The first few years the sidewalk was a flickering jungle, now they get maybe a dozen bunches of flowers and perhaps one candle.

Anonymous said...

not necessarily, paddy...i remember, i just don't put a candle. and i'm a youngin!

paddy523 said...

TO anon 11:34, Keep that faith youngin!!