Sunday, December 27, 2015

Catch 'Astor Barber All-Stars' tonight on PBS

[Production still by Phil Penman]

Tonight (Dec. 27!) at 11, WNET (PBS Thirteen) is airing "Astor Barber All-Stars," the documentary by Karen Gehres.

A summation of the film:

With so many NYC institutions dropping like flies, due to skyrocketing rent, one barber shop remains. Since 1939, Astor Barber has been cutting hair with pizzazz and is still one of NYC's most loved institutions. Get your hair cut from cradle to grave... literally! The Vezza family, their loyal customers and over 50 stylists working at Astor will show why this three-generation family-owned business attracts 'em all. It’s a story of endurance and a family, its employees and customers that stuck together against the odds in NYC.

Check out the trailer ...

The shop has been here since 1939. Jeremiah Moss wrote about it back in April 2012: "It's one of the last places in the East Village that still feels like the East Village. More than that, it still feels like New York City."


Brian said...

I have not gotten my hair cut there since 2000. Wow, I feel old. I got a lot of cheap haircuts there.

Anonymous said...

O-ver-ra-ted! GREAT location and space, but nothing special haircut-wise. I asked for a tapered haircut but got a fade - I swear NYC barbers do not know what "tapered" means. On top of that, I asked the guy for hairgel and he gives me the hairgel to put in my hair - HUH? 'Guess he didn't want to get gel on his hands. This place is a joke. Rude front counterperson, too, and I told him that, told him to drop the attitude. Yet another place among many places in the city and this country who thinks who it is because it's been around for decades. Frank's Hairstylist on Thompson Street is better and I've been told the long time barbershop on St.Mark's Place is, too.

Fipper said...

Just want to say thanks for posting this yesterday. I watched it last night and so glad I caught it. It was so interesting to go behind the doors of this neighborhood institution that I'd past by everyday for a good part of my life.

Astor Barber All-Stars said...

Thanks for watching Flipper. ASTOR BARBER ALL-STARS will air 2 more times on THIRTEEN.If you like the Facebook page I will post the airdates as soon as. All best,Karen