Saturday, December 5, 2015

Openings: Autre Kyo Ya, Tac N Roll

Autre Kyo Ya, the sister restaurant of Kyo Ya, the Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant at 94 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue, is now in soft-open mode at 10 Stuyvesant St.

As Eater points out: "Autre Kyo Ya is slightly different, with more affordable price points and more inspiration from western cooking." (Eater has a copy of the menu for the restaurant just off of East Ninth Street and Third Avenue.)

GM Erina Yoshida and her father Tony also own Sunrise Mart and the cocktail bar Angel's Share. Autre Kyo Ya last housed the tapas bar The Barrel.

Meanwhile, Tac N Roll, a quick-serve Mexican restaurant at 124 E. Fourth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue, is also in soft-open operations.

Here's a look at their menu via their still under-construction website...

And for now, the second taco is free...

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Autre Kyo Ya coming soon to the former Barrel space on Stuyvesant Street


Anonymous said...

Foie gras on the menu. I'll pass!

Richard said...

I mean no offense to Tac N Roll, but every time I see a food establishment using the now-ubiquitous menu of "choose your base/choose your protein/choose your additions/choose your condiments" my response is "Don't I pay you guys to make those choices? If I have to invent my meal, why don't I just do it myself at home?" Having to walk a food preparer through the assembly process isn't fun for me...though it may be a huge plus for people who like bossing around other people.

Anonymous said...

I didn't look at the posted menu and went in looking for Mexican tacos. What I did get was very good and I would try it again.

With most "bowls" establishments, it's a gimmick to load the bowl with the cheap ingredient and use lesser quality ingredients in the "Chop't ingredients. Brilliant marketing, inferior food.

With Tac n Roll, it really is to give you options in putting elements together to your own level of spiciness, etc.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fast food format of this place, the ingredients are top of the line. I had fresh shrimp and veggies done in tikka style (Indian) and pulgogi style (Korean). I personally liked the ability to mix and match my flavors with the protein of my choice.