Sunday, December 13, 2015

Report: Fewer arrests and complaints about graffiti in the city

[East 2nd Street at Avenue C]

The Post checks in with an article titled "Graffiti arrests drop 30% as complaints keep pouring in" about how NYC is in ruins and stuff because of de Blasio.

To some stats!

• Graffiti arrests are down 31 percent since 2013.

• The police have arrested 2,497 "aerosol artists" (as the Post puts it) in the city so far this year, compared with 2,772 over the same period last year, and 3,598 in all of 2013, according to NYPD data.

• To date in 2015, there have been 13,185 graffiti-related calls to 311 ... which is down 11 percent from the 14,830 complaints in the same period last year, but up 3 percent from the 12,854 complains in 2013.

So. Fewer complaints than last year... and fewer arrests.

Sunset Park received 970 graffiti complaints this year... followed by Williamsburg/Greenpoint with 877 and the East Village/Lower East Side with 678.

As the Post notes:

Graffiti is a bellwether of “broken windows” crime, experts have said.


Anonymous said...

Post an update of the Verizon wall!

Gojira said...

Yeah, the wholesale destruction of small-scale middle-income housing, the eradication of mom-and-pop shops, the construction of massive, ultra-luxe, shadow-throwing condo buildings geared for people who don't even plan to live in their seven- and eight-figure light-, sun- and air-blocking sky mansions, the constant increase of people moving in with the resulting wear and tear on the already-crumbling infrastructure, the fact that at times the sidewalks are impassible thanks to the eddying throngs of humanity clogging the city, a growing homeless population because the places they used to be able to find shelter in have been torn down so even more millennial morons can be shoehorned in, rapacious landlords who make Attila the Hun look like a humanist, a mayor who plans to cram buildings into every single open space available, and The Yearly Dork Fest, a.k.a. SantaCon, are not problems - graffiti is.

The Post - feh. I wouldn't line my cats' litter box with that stinking rag - their excrement deserves much better.

Scuba Diva said...

I was waiting to read about graffiti-related deaths.

Gojira writes:

The Post - feh. I wouldn't line my cats' litter box with that stinking rag - their excrement deserves much better.

What, like the Observer?