Friday, December 11, 2015

SantaCon announces its path through the East Village for 2015

[Photo on 2nd Avenue by @prismpop]

The SantaCon organizers have released the complete schedule/slate for tomorrow's annual charity drive, which does not include anything like a bar crawl.

As previously reported, SantaCon kicks off at McCarren Park at 10 a.m. The do-gooders will then spend several hours in the Williamsburg area taking part in charitable activities ...

...before heading to the East Village and the surrounding area to perform more random acts of kindness...

However, the festivities won't be limited to these above "anchor" establishments... the official SantaCon page includes a list of other bars that will welcome Santas tomorrow. Here is that list for 2 to 8 p.m. via the SantaCon website:

140 1ST AVE

221 2ND AVE

110 EAST 11TH ST

106 3RD AVE



213 2ND AVE

231 2ND AVE

25 3RD AVE



219 2ND AVE

325 E. 14TH ST


447 E. 13TH ST


242 E. 10TH ST


64 3RD AVE


222 E. 14TH ST

155 2ND AVE

109 E. 9TH ST


[Photo Wednesday by Steven]

Apparently SantaCon will no longer be stopping at any Lower East Side venues.

According to Gothamist, the main organizer of SantaCon lives in the East Village. From an interview published Tuesday with the unnamed person:

I went last year, and I would say people generally got what they wanted. I guess if it’s not your scene, the answer is just avoid it, right?

That’s a great solution. I mean, I don’t go by Madison Square Garden on game nights. I just don’t like that energy. So I know to steer clear of it. I try not to go out in the East Village on a Saturday night. I don’t like that energy. A lot of college students not sure of how to act.

But you could argue that that's sort of the same contingent that—
No but I don’t complain about it! I just don’t go out in that neighborhood during that time. I don’t frequent those venues. I don’t say that they don’t have a right to do it. I don’t like crass commercialism so I don’t go to the Rockefeller tree lighting. I don’t go to Times Square. It’s my choice what I choose to do. I don’t tell anyone they can’t do it.

In a piece on SantaCon the other day, the Times names names here.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, if you want to keep tabs on the action...Fun!


JG said...

So the organizer lives in the East Village. No wonder we always get stuck with this shit.

Most of the EV bars on the list are appalling. However, I'm disappointing in a few taking part, like Vazacs. I would think they make enough money from the constant TV and film shoots.

Anonymous said...

I live on Ave. C, so there's no way to run basic errands--grocery shopping and Mass at 4pm, w/o encountering these drunks. And Cafecito? WTF?

Anonymous said...!

Anonymous said...

Look who is back on the Figment board. You guessed it. Jim Glaser.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,

Please move to another neighborhood and take Santa con with you.


Henri Cervantes said...

just avoid that neighborhood if it's not my thing? santa wants to deport me?

Scuba Diva said...

Yeah, I was like, "I didn't know Cafecito was a bar." They serve liquor?

Anonymous said...

"if it's not your scene, just avoid it" - yeah, except I actually live here. The "scene" is being brought to my doorstep (literally); I am NOT looking for a scene.

Billsville said...

Now we have the real reason why the SantaCon organizers want to remain anonymous. Since one of them lives in the East Village then he knows very well what kinds of problems this shit show causes for all of his neighbors. In fact, it turns out that the main organizer lives one block north of The 13th Step, our favorite notorious bar which isn't even listed this year. No doubt this is just another PR move and the 13th Step will probably have the usual crowd of drunk Santas along with the obligatory patrol car clogging up 2nd Avenue thanks SantaCon organizers for making your own neighborhood a nightmare for many of us every single year. We hope you all go back to Ohio.

Scuba Diva said...

What are these "random acts of kindness" of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

Cafecito has always been overpriced nonsense. Anyone with half a brain goes to half a dozen other great chicken places that are less then half the price on Avenue C.

Gojira said...

I agree with Anon. 10:44, that was my first thought re Cafecito.

Anonymous said...

As a local business owner, I unfortunately cant "just avoid it", jerk off! Never mind the fact that I have to deal with these yahoos entering my store and the loss of business from my regular LOCAL customers who are FORCED "to just avoid it" by staying indoors or going on a day trip!

Who's going to compensate me for the loss in business or explain to these drunk pricks that I don't want them in my store? Especially when they're drunk and tell me to fuck off.

Since all the participants are clearly not from NYC why don't they do this bullshit in Jersey city or Long Island. Oh that's right, cuz the main organizer lives here! Doesn't he know its not good to shit where you eat!

Or maybe he should just eat shit!

Eden Bee said...

I will be taking videos of idiotic santas for my blog by Docs, and 7B and then next to Csquat at Royale. I want to see puking and fights and I intend to tape it all. WAs hoping the EV was off the list of stops but I guess these bars are okay with it and think they will make money. Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

I will have a bag of marbles and signs saying kick me to put on Santa backs.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Big Lee's is Number 1 on the list. Big Lee's keeps their door open all night, every night, blaring music for the neighbors, so you can't expect them to be concerned about some noisy santas.

Bryan Keller said...

Fellow East Villagers: please calm down. If you lived here when there were children selling heroin to junkies every single day, then this is a walk in the park. If not, welcome to New York, "transplant from Ohio".

Anonymous said...

Seeing 141 ave A list makes me want to think le this Ms. henshaws third grade Xmas outing......

Anonymous said...

Stop your bitching..gonna puke on your entryway

Anonymous said...

For shame, Phoenix. Are you even a gay bar anymore? I defended you when you changed ownership and everyone called your new decor "lesbian TGIFriday's," but this is a bridge too far.

Anonymous said...

To "just avoid" it, we basically have to stop living our lives for the day! I have to give my dog long, long walks early on so she won't need too much exercise later, don't do any errands, and basically hibernate all afternoon and evening. It's like preparing for a siege. But because of my dog I HAVE to go out at some point, and it is awful. I'm sure any other dog owners reading this understand.

Anonymous said...

How is Rockefeller Center's tree lighting "crass commercialism"? It's free! And I'd rather navigate my way through Rock Center's Christmas tourist trap twice a day for the entire month of December than have to be out all day during one single Santacon. I would LIVE for a month in that Union Square Christmas deathtrap before I'd participate in one Santacon. GTFOut of here with your "anti-commercialism" bullshit.

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

Luckily I've got a holiday party at a friend's apartment in Brooklyn Heights to go to so I'll be able to avoid most of this. If not for that, I'd be hunkering down as the eye of the Santa Con storm descended on the East Village with an official New York State Disaster Preparedness Kit.

blue glass said...

we have too many santas and we have too many bars.
until the majority of CB3 area residents really get ourselves together, (and so-called elected "officials" get some guts) and organize (a la LES dwellers) to deal with these problem santa con will be here forever - along with the weekend drunks and tourists acting out like repressed teenagers suddenly set free! we have become the city's favorite most anti-social playground.
and to Bryan Keller - to compare the hoards of loud puking drunken santas to "the children selling heroin to junkies every single day" implies that drunk santas are addicted.
this is not a walk in the park Bruan, it's a tortured walk through privileged bright red hell.

Anonymous said...

While I'm at it, wondering why they don't descend on Rockefeller Center or the Upper West Side! Or the old timey "singles bar" strip of the Upper East!!! ha ha ho ho

DAVID said...

It's one day. I loathe most saturday nights in my own neighborhood, but even throwing a bucket of hot acid out the window isn't going to rid the 'hood of NYU. Most of the reactions here sound like a cranky old man yelling Get Off My Lawn. (Don't become that person, life's too short).

So Santacom comes, and I avert my eyes and go about my business. Us gays act nutty on pride, Puerto Ricans on Puerto Rican day, most everyone on Halloween. So let the douchebags and ho ho hos have their winter mardi gras. If they are bothering you that much, they win.

Shazziz said...

When my pup was alive, she'd get stepped on by drunk ass Santas and their slutty elves. It was horrendous and that organizer's idea about "just avoid the area" only works if you DO NOT LIVE HERE. Tell me, wise fellow EVer's: if NONE of us like this event, WHY DOES IT STILL HAPPEN??? Can't we DO something about stopping it???
It's a pox on our hood and stridently inconvenient for dog owners, people with small kids, any rational human who's idea of a good time doesn't involve passing out in my vestibule in their own puke. #HELPUSKILLSANTACON

Anonymous said...

The only person who is good on the CB 3 SLA Committee is Alex Militano. The rest of them are a bunch of rejects who violate the policy, which is, beer and wine only with a midnight closing for full service restaurants. They have no regard for residents and CB 3 SLA Chair Alex Militano. Cindarella's stepsisters are the two worst. Seriously Manson could be the applicant and they would find him dashing. Mind you every jackass that they have offered full liquor to in violation of the policy has ended up having their restaurant shut down.

Anonymous said...

I have never had to change my plans, or take an alternate route, because of SantaCon. Today, I have all of my usual Saturday errands to do, leaving at 11 and returning around 4, entirely within the East Village, and none of those bars are in my path. I know that won't be everyone's experience, but it does show you that it's possible to be out and not bothered by this.

Edmund Dunn said...

Say's it all.

Defending Bro culture is defending the indefensible.

"Look who is back on the Figment board. You guessed it. Jim Glaser."

BTW, nice catch 12/11/15 10.54 PM.


Anonymous said...

if these bars and their santacon get out of hand report them:

Anonymous said...

Doc Holliday's seems really pissy and bitter with their list of rules. Sad that they felt they needed to compromise their principles to accommodate Santacon. Jeez if it's such a drag maybe don't host next year.

Anonymous said...

It's mostly clueless millennials trying to have fun and be a part of something. I'm giving them a break. Sure I see them as idiots, but it's natural for people that age to want to have fun and be a part of something and cling to some shred of identity. These pitiful folks are doing what they can with limited means.

Anonymous said...

I'll say this, my building is much, much quieter this year. The last few years, the drunken bros hollering and pounding the walls and the WOOOOing began at 10 a.m. This year I have not heard a peep. So perhaps Santacon is actually losing its flavor after all these years.

either that or it's because my whole building is basically airbnb now

Anonymous said...

I think there comes a point where all the rules, restrictions and antagonism start to weigh down the proceedings. I mean who wants to be shushed and told to behave all day on a day that was originally about drunk fun and revelry.

Anonymous said...

Solas is turning Amy Schumers away because they're not even OPEN yet. Drunks.

Anonymous said...

What sucks about Santacon is that, we DO have to leave the area. With Christmas around the corner, my friends and I are now rushing to get all of East Village to-dos done by 3PM when these assholes start pouring into the neighborhood because they shut it down. Not everyone, particular those with families, has the luxury of binge drinking all day. Fuck Jim Glaser, Santacon, and Figment NYC. You're all a public nuisance.

Anonymous said...

I have my tentative theories about what the differences are between this generation of young people and the previous generations. To avoid getting all long winded and soap-box, let's put it this way.. 20-30, even 40 or more years ago this type of 'event' would've NEVER happened in the E. Village. It wouldn't have even been a thought.

Mike said...

This is a great list of bars to never patronize all 365 days of the year.

Anonymous said...

Seeing more SantaConners today than in years up on ThIrd Ave in the 20s. There is a party with a hundred of them on 29th St and 3rd Ave.making a lot of noise. A few neighbors are calling the cops. Cops came, left and won't do anything about it. It's already out of control

Anonymous said...

Astor/St Marks/3rd is already a parking lot of honking traffic because theyre walking through red lights in large groups. FUCK SANTACON!!!!

SantaScanner said...

201 E. 12th St. report of 100 people wearing Santa outfits having a massive party, making noise and walking up and down the hallways.

Also St. Mark's Place between Second and Third, report of homeless people with beards using syringes and doing heroin.

Anonymous said...

I was accosted by a Santa who wanted to hi-five me this morning, and another Santa was just screaming at me and my friend to stop and talk to him. Fun!

SantaScanner said...

217 E. 4th St. between A and B report of loud rooftop party

SantaScanner said...

149 2nd Ave. between 9th and 10th at the 13th Step , call for two reinforcement units for crowd control. Cops are trying to clear the block.

Anonymous said...

and to think some people make a fuss about The Cock............

Anonymous said...

Tried to get a slice at Two Boots but drunken Santas were thisclose to my face demanding why I looked so familiar while stepping on my feet - had to leave pizza-less - just gross. To everyone saying this is better than EV of the past - it's not even comparable. This is just pathetic and flavorless suburban crap.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

The following establishments get a one year boycott from me. Please consider that when weighing your options. Vote with your wallet.

Amsterdam Billards
Bait & Hook
Big Lee’s Saloon
Bull Mccabes
Coyote Ugly
Crocodile Lounge
Doc Holliday’s
Double Down Saloon
Durden Bar
Little Town Nyc
Phoenix Bar
Pink’s Bar & Grill
Professor Thom’s
The Belfry
The Brazen Fox
The Central Bar
The Continental
The Spotted Owl Tavern
Thirsty Scholar
Vazac Horseshoe Bar
Village Pourhouse

Scuba Diva said...

At 6:06 PM, Anonymous said:

To everyone saying this is better than EV of the past - it's not even comparable. This is just pathetic and flavorless suburban crap.

Anyone saying that might as well say, "Well, why don't you leave?"

Answer: "This is my home, not theirs!"

Anonymous said...

So the genesis behind Santa Con is from the EV. Be a man and announce who you are. Don't be a piece of shit and hide. It was a shit show indeed of belligerent drunks and bros. Next year, I ll take a holiday out of town for two days. F this bull shit....

Anonymous said...

Homogenized mediocrity and banality.

I miss the days when they would have been scared to death to set foot in this neighborhood.

Jennifer said...

Is there anything we can do as EV residents to put a stop to this like they did on the LES? Can we start a petition? Is there a community organization? Complain to government? If enough people ban together and put on the pressure maybe we can make a change. NOBODY wants this in their neighborhood and we should not have to accept it. Please post any information or real ideas you might have to resolve this.

Anonymous said...

Who is the organizer? Please leak who the organizer is. Why won't they come out? This is another marketing stragedy for developers and landlords, like the Halloween Dog Parade. Is Mayor DiBlasio the organizer? Is Rosie Mendez the organizer? Is Ben Shaoul the organizer? Is Jared Kushner the organizer? Will the real organizer please stand up.

Anonymous said...

How exactly is this worse then Gay Pride festival or St. Pats Day? It's not.

Anonymous said...

It is most certainly worse than those parades. Those are organized, police paroled parades at a specific time and place.