Friday, January 15, 2016

How much to rent the Long Bay (who?) space on East Sixth Street?

[EVG photo from August]

After just five weeks in business, Long Bay, the reasonably priced Vietnamese restaurant, shut its doors last spring at 503 E. Sixth St. just east of Avenue A. Homemade for rent signs arrived later in the summer... and the space remains on the market.

We just noticed the listing pop up at the real-estate firm of Voda Bauer. Here's the listing:

Nestled in the heart of the East Village off Avenue A, this space is near near restaurants, bars, retail stores and Residential buildings. New construction around the corner will provide a captive audience to any business! Full basement included with a second bathroom. Handicap Bathroom in place on the ground floor and outdoor space available upon request.

The asking rent: $7,000. (There's 1,600 square feet of space.)

And a bonus photo of the interior...

Place looks as if it has been empty a longer than just seven months.


Anonymous said...

6th street is spelled 6th street not SIXTH St

Anonymous said...

their problem is that they didn't serve "authentic and contemporary Vietnamese food, which is complimented by exceptional and accessible craft beers, creative cocktails, and wines".

Walter said...

Another group of optimists with a 5 week business plan. In both Japan and China, once you start a business, it's expected that you have at least a one year plan. That's how long it takes for things to take off.