Monday, January 11, 2016

The Sweet Generation storefront turns 1 today

Sweet Generation is celebrating its 1-year storefront anniversary today from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. by giving away free mini cupcakes (while supplies last!) and coupons at 130 First Ave. between East Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place.

Here's more about the work they do via the anniversary announcement ...

Sweet Generation bakery believes in the power of the arts and creativity in making change in one's life and in the world. They have partnered with several nonprofit organizations and local High Schools to create an internship program that teaches baking, food safety, customer service, work readiness, and entrepreneurship to teens and young adults from low-income communities. With every purchase of their award-winning cupcakes and pastries you are supporting their internship program for at-risk youth, teaching job readiness skills in their creative bakery space.

Since opening a year ago, Sweet Generation has mentored over 20 at-risk New York City youth through partnerships with Cypress Hills LDC, The Boys Club of NY, City As School, The Center For Arts Education, Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, and more.

Additionally, Sweet Generation works to support the fundraising and programmatic goals of innovative and creative organizations by making cash and product donations to programs that align with their mission. They have also hosted over half a dozen art exhibitions showcasing the talented youth of the local community.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent cupcakes, and they seem to be doing good works too. Close too $4 for a cupcake is a bit rich for my blood. But I shouldn't be eating cupcakes anyway.

Anonymous said...

A pop-up business in the EV that has stayed open for over a year - THAT is indeed a celebratory occasion!

p.s. Now they can add 'open since yyyy' to their signage.

Anonymous said...

I had an issue with a cake being dry and the owner reimbursed me with store credit. Was super nice and helpful. Wishing them all the best. Gurl gotta sell a lot of cupcakes to pay that rent.